Lo que muchos no saben es que, gracias a su matrimonio con el prestigioso arqueologo britanico Max Mallowan, recorrio todo el Oriente Medio acompanando a su marido. Ven y dime como vives es el testimonio escrito de varias temporadas de excavacion arqueologica en Siria e Irak, en respuesta a las innumerables preguntas que sus amistades y conocidos le hacian acerca del tipo de vida que llevaban en esos lugares. What many do not realize is that, thanks to his marriage with the prestigious Max Mallow British archaeologist, traveled throughout the Middle East to accompany her husband. Come and tell me how you live is the written testimony of several seasons of archaeological excavations in Syria and Iraq, in response to the many questions that their friends and acquaintances he made about the kind of life they led in those places. The ups and adventures of this group of Westerners are narrated by a writer with great acuity own hipercivilizada of Great Britain, because, after all, what problem can not be overcome with a good dose of humor or a cup Tea loaded properly?

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A classic tell looks like a low, truncated cone with a flat top and slopping sides, and can be up to meters high. The mound rises as the mudbricks of buildings rapidly disintegrated. Many tells are to be found in the fertile areas of ancient Mesopotamia, the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, commonly labelled the cradle of civilization. In this book Agatha Christie writes of when she followed along on excavations made at Chagar Bazar, Tell Brak and in the Balikh Valley, all in the northeastern tip of Syria, where the country borders Iraq and Turkey.

The book reveals the day-to-day life and the human side of such expeditions. She speaks of those at the digs - the workers, the officials, the cooks, the chauffeurs, a sheik, the postmaster at a nearby town and the animals and the bugs. Europeans and Asians alike. We hear of ailments, of brawls and of parties. Catastrophes and happy reunions.

Of French bureaucracy. Oh and there is Mack, inarticulate and scrupulously neat and aloof, the architect, draughtsman and diarist Mac! In fact it was this Mac Robin Macartney that came to draw the covers of several of her crime novels! If you could get more than a oui or a non out of him then you could consider yourself lucky! There are many we come to know intimately; they come to feel as friends. We are delighted with both their foibles and strengths.

Well, I was. We get the mud and the bugs and the flowers in spring, and we get to know particular people. The tone is light and frivolous and often very funny. What you get from this book is the whole experience of being part of such an expedition. Need such be considered inconsequential? Christie liked the people of the area, and this shows. To be absolutely correct, I should say some of them! She is unpresumptuous.

The writing exudes her enthusiasm and appreciation of the land and the people. I am happy to have met her. Christie observes and notes differences between cultures and the peoples she came in contact with. You see her appreciation of the flamboyant, strong and uninhibited Kurdish women. She compares how Europeans see death and how these people view death.

Maybe they have a thing or two to teach us? So while the book is written with humor and in a light fashion, it also has weight. This was a delightful read and having read it I think I really do understand what it was like to follow along on an archeological expedition in the s. The audiobook is narrated by Judith Boyd. The narration is very good. I like the lightness of the tone. Do you see the play on words in the title?

Actually, tells do tell us how ancient people did live. Good title to a delightful, but not just frivolous book.


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Ven y dime cómo vives


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