The repercussions of the Agranat Report The Agranat Commission conclusions shook the very foundations of the state, not less than the war itself, forcing changes in the military and political echelons, and raising a public storm, due the fact the most of the blame was cast upon the military. The publication of the Agranat Report Since its submission, the report emerged again and again in association with the conduct of the war. In April , following a petition to the High Court of Justice demanding a publication of the report, the Government decided to allow scrutinizing of it with limiting conditions non-disclosure of alertness and intelligence issues, privacy, etc. The exposure work was done by the field security branch of the General Staff and was carried at the IDF and Defense Establishment Archive, which allocated the necessary resources.

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Sakora On 31 Decemberelections that had been delayed by the war took place. Yom Kippur War revelations underline gravity of Iran dilemma facing Israel today. This report caused public uproar and unhappiness in the army. Agranat Commission — Wikipedia What was the situation on 28 October the last day of the war? Israeli commissions and inquiries Yom Kippur War. Golda Meir protocols from Agranat Commission released. Several of the responsible persons published their own versions of events or had them published by others.

Israel and the Arab World. Agranat Commission Israelis can only hope lessons were truly learned. Why Egypt not did extend its attack to the passes? Thus, Hatiqva is preferable to Hatikva for example. On July 10,a second interim report was issued. Though they had the ability to launch a limited war, agrranat knew perfectly well that Israel would not feel itself bound by the rules of that game, and a limited war would quickly escalate into a general one. Yet vital units such as field intelligence were not called up, so that there were no updated targeting reports and it was difficult to provide air support for battles in the Golan Heights.

Presented to the Israeli government on April 1,this booklet of about forty pages was widely discussed on the front pages of Israeli newspapers immediately upon its publication.

After his dismissal, Elazar maintained that had he been given more of the information, he would have mobilized the IDF sooner. In Hebrew, a chaf can never occur at the beginning of a word. Interview in Maariv25 January The full text of the report, except for 48 pages, was made public commossion January Inthis special committee, spearheaded by Chairman Justice Yitzhak Engelhard, has gradually approved the publication of about fifty testimonies, which have attracted substantial public interest.

The attack on air bases was modeled on Operation Focus of the Six day war. The Chief of Staff was now a regular attender of cabinet meetings. What is Barlev Line? We find that there was no basis for giving the IDF such a decisive report. As Israel marks 40 years since its traumatic war, all eyes are on Syria and its chemical weapons. As is true of the second report, its contents were heavily censored and inaccessible to the general public. The second part was published 10 July and contained the reasons for the conclusions of the first report.

Despite the severe oversight, Meir supported Aman in her testimony. Mossad tried to kill Saddam in the s. Judgment in Jerusalem Publication of the report led to the resignation of Zeira from the army. Agrsnat 12, It is not clear if he was duped by Egypt or acted as a double agent.

The Agranat Commission evaded a discussion of the ministerial authority that is, their responsibilities as agranar in the government, rather than their responsibility to the particular portfolio they held, and put the entire blame for the failure on the military level. The Reporg Commission was founded according to a decision of the government made on November 18,as soon as the separation of forces agreement with Egypt was signed.

He became the target of one of the most acrimonious and caustic torrents of criticism the country has ever known. A great deal of time was wasted because air command could not decide whether to attack air bases or SAM missile installations. Out of pages, divided into commissionn volumes, the Commission approved the publication of no more than six introductory pages.

We are further of the opinion that in war time it is proper for the government to give the Prime Minister authority to agranatt up a team The contradictions are numerous and a full account would look like Rashomon — many different interpretations of the same action.

She was asked first to talk about the warning signs to the war. Committee member, former Chief of General Staff Yigael Yadinasked Meir invasive questions, compared to other members, who defended her. Related Articles


Agranat Commission

The Commission[ edit ] The commission was an official National Commission of Inquiry appointed by the Israeli government to investigate the circumstances leading to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War. The Committee sat for sessions, during which they listened to the testimony of 58 witnesses. The general deployment of the IDF in case of war, its state of readiness during the days preceding the Yom Kippur War, and its operations up to the containment of the enemy. On 31 December , elections that had been delayed by the war took place. Likud , a new political party, won 39 seats in the Knesset. Newly elected Member of Knesset and one of the Likud founders, Reserve General Ariel Sharon gave a newspaper interview in which he was quoted as saying that he would disobey orders that he felt were against the interests of the State or his subordinates. This caused so much public concern that Sharon was asked to appear before the Commission, [3] which accepted his testimony that the quote was in the context of a specific event which occurred under very exceptional circumstances.




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