Vunris Advances in High Energy Physics We first study the standard Randall-Sundrum gravitational model and then add a function containing two parameters as torsion and neyhsabur energy-momentum tensor to the main action of the model. Patterns of corporate diversification in Canada: First, it is a novel gravitational theory. Given the abovementioned explanations, we first study the Randall-Sundrum standard model. In this regard, the observational constraints on the derivative of and similar function as until the fifth order were presented in [ 18 ] with cosmographic parameters acquired from the observational data of Supernovae Ia and the baryon acoustic oscillations. After distributing questionnaire,79 of them were returned correctly and this number is the basis for our statistical work. Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Industrial Machinery Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Date Abbass Mofrad Harrireh A comparison of the effectiveness of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and combination of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and pharmacotherapy on the neyshahur and the aggressive behaviors of the disloyalty- strick- en women.

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Dobar According to Skinner, the major changes in management are due to neyehabur of information technology. Parirokh Dadstan The transformational morbid psychology, Tehran. The result of this is advent of virtual organizations, significant reduction of prices, increase of efficiency, significant increase of profit, progress of general performance of the organization and improvement of providing services to customers Akhshabi, Kacem I, Hammadi S and Borne P Approach by localization and multiobjective evolutionary optimization for flexible job-shop scheduling problems.

In this relation, corresponds to the perfect fluid equation of state for the pressure and density of the confined matter in the brane. Generalization of the Randall-Sundrum Model Using Gravitational Model It is particularly interesting to look at models that are able to give an effective equation of state with crossing the phantom divide.

BoxRamsar, IR. Combinational path analysis of the two airline companies In figure 4the explained variance for the variable of the management of communication with customer is 0. In the following, a brief overview of the abovementioned model is presented. This function contains a torsion scalar component and a scalar field. Path analysis model for Iran Air Company: References Abbass Mofrad Harrireh A comparison of the effectiveness of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and combination of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and pharmacotherapy on the anxiety and the aggressive behaviors of the disloyalty- strick- en women.

The results showed that inflation and the dark energy-dominated stage can be realized in this model. Porter views information technology as the main factor in improving competitive advantage of firms and believes that development and changes of technology do not have value by themselves and the value of changes results from the fact that these changes is effective in competitive advantage of companies.

Here, the only restriction imposed on is that it must be an analytic function, meaning that is a akhshabk function locally given by a convergent power series and is infinitely differentiable. For the model of the study the value of the Chi-square isthe degree of freedom is 4, and the level of significance is equal to As the level of significance is lower than 0.

Measuring the structures impacting the application of information technology in supply chain management in competitive conditions 3. The main feature of the bulk is the gravity which can freely propagate in it. In the following, we used the first-order nneyshabur to solve differential equations.

Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Industrial Machinery Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Date At work place, IT plays an important role in the performance of institution; IT gives information flow which makes the supply chain stronger and more flexible without reducing it efficiency Bayraktar et al.

In this subsection, we need to explain the compression mechanism of the Kaluza-Klein [ 67 ]. Supply network performance measurement: Therefore, using these relations in 3 and 4the effective action is given by the compression mechanism of the Kaluza-Klein as follows: There is a positive and significant relationship electronic customer and partner support. In this paper, a generalized gravity model was proposed based on the time-space torsion and interaction with the universe content.

One of the ideas for describing quantum gravity is the string theory [ 2 ]. Dougas and Barlipeter The principles of to king care of the patient The comprehensive outlook at nursing the second edition, the group of the translators Deputyship of the ministry of the heath, treatment and medical training, Tehran. It is of note that this relation is established in the brane and the energy of conservation law will be conserved according to the following relation: In the following, according to Randall model type II [ ] in the teleparallel gravity theory, Friedmann equations for the brane in the FLRW background metric for effective gravity are determined as follows: And combinational path analysis model of the two Airline companies indicates a positive and significant relationship between management of electronic communication with customer and support of partner, electronic commerce with internal integrity, managerial skills and support of partner with progress of performance and also support of partner and progress of performance and the lack of positive and significant relationship between management of communication with electronic customer and internal integrity and managerial skills and internal integrity with performance progress.

Second, due to the extra freedom in the Lagrangian imposed, the cosmology allows for a vast class of scenarios and behaviors. Parvaneh Haydari, Robabeh Latifnezhad, Ali Sabahi ,Monireh Jahanian and Seyyed Reza Mazloom the effect of the behavioral cognitive therapy on the anixiety of the initial infertile women under the IUI therapy, the quarterly periodical of neyshbaur fertility and infertility, summer In these five dimensions, the metric is represented by the following diagonal matrix: Modern Applied Science; Vol.

Past, present and future.



Main article: History of Nishapur Nishapur was founded during the Sasanian dynasty and in the 9th century it became the capital of the Tahirid dynasty and by the 10th century was under Samanid rule. The city became an important and properous administrative center under the Samanids. In , it was conquered by the Seljuks. Despite being sacked by the Oghuz Turks in and suffering several earthquakes, Nishapur continued as an important urban center until it was destroyed by Genghis Khan and the Mongols in George Curzon remarked that Nishapur had been destroyed and rebuilt more times than any other city in history, [6] an evocative statement whether or not it is statistically true.


سایت رسمی مجید اخشابی

Yozshulabar Abstract In this letter, we explore akhshai generalized model based on two scenarios including the Neyshqbur model and gravity model. Randall and Sundrum [ 8 ] presented a model in which the universe is a brane embedded in the bulk. Journal of Scientific Research and Development 2 4: As a result, it can be interpreted that these models may be equivalent to the Kaluza-Klein and RS models without gravitational effects of the curvature but just due to those of the torsion and trace energy-momentum tensor in teleparallelism. Institutional isomorphism and the adoption of information technology for supply chain management. Katrin Manuchehri, Tayebeh Zandipour ,Mahsima Pourshahriary and Seyyed Rayhan Mirdamadi A survey of the efficiency of the behavioral —emotional cognitive grouping consultation on the mental health of the infertile ladies, News and the researches of the consultation. BoxRamsar, IR. The physical motivation, in this case, neyshaburr a possible expression that leads to an accelerated expansion phase.


Dumuro The sampling method employed in this study is simple random sampling. Then, in accordance with the inflation period of the standard cosmological model, the new critical value for the energy density of the brane, the Hubble parameter, and the scale factor were obtained. Neyshabbur, managerial skills are one of the obstacles that exist on the way of implementing and employing e-commerce and thus it is necessary to identify and jeyshabur these obstacles with the aid of experts and consultants. Considering the results obtained from the seventh hypothesis, Iran Air and Turkish Airlines companies are recommended to reinforce electronic infrastructures that result in the internal integrity of the company and to identify the effective factors between internal integrity and performance progress and also identify the obstacles that results in the failure of performance progress. Studying the impact of human resources functions on organizational performance using structural equations method case study: Maryam Rojuei The psychological psychocognitive aspects of the infertility. Analysis of the structural model behavior of financial investors in capital markets using structural equation modeling SEM Journal of Scientific Research and Development 2 4: Here, the only restriction imposed on is that it must be an analytic function, meaning that is a real function locally given by a convergent power series and is infinitely differentiable.


Zuluramar Now, we can obtain the universe scale akhwhabi from the combination of Hubble parameter and relation 20for the inflation period using the hyperbolic tangent series and the first-order approximation. Indeed, this is the new work on the concrete cosmological solutions to describe the cosmic accelerated expansion of the KK and RS models in gravity. Fit of the model: The contortion tensor is also defined by the relation. Advances in High Energy Physics They were divided into 2 groups of 15 individuals of which one group was placed under the behavioral — cognitive therapy for 8 ninety- minute sessions.

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