Send to setup? Start new setup? Pattern program Span arpeggios only Order arpeggios only Real-time recording

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Send to setup? Start new setup? Pattern program Span arpeggios only Order arpeggios only Real-time recording Step editing Clear controllers? Clear pattern? Pattern name Send MIDI sysex?

Send syx bundle? Delete pattern? Store a copy? Record rhythm real-time Drum A through Drum H Clear rhythm? Rhythm name Delete rhythm? Use as Setup name Delete setup? Add to Faves? Send to Setup? Start New Setup? Voice parameters Oscillator parameters Pre-filter mix parameters Filter parameters Post-filter mix parameters Track Tracking Generator Mod Modulation Routing Program name Velocity Curve Local Control MIDI channel MIDI sync Store Protect Sysex: send all How do I use them?

How do I clear the pattern and start over? Protection is on. What does this mean? How do I make my Micron turn it off? Congratulations on your purchase of the Alesis Micron! The Micron is a powerful, 8-voice Analog Modeling synthesizer based on the award-winning sound engine of the larger Alesis Ion.

The Micron has every bit of sound-producing DSP horsepower contained in the Ion along with a few tricks of its own. Not only synth patches but melodic patterns and drum beats also are available to you in most cases simply by pressing a button and turning a knob. You can create sophisticated rhythms combining up to ten different sounds.

You can create really rich setups combining as many as 26 different programs with anywhere from 0 to 26 different rhythms, all simultaneously active. After a period of relative neglect brought on by the appearance of sampleplayback digital synths which excel at realistic mimicry of various sound sources , the unique sounds of analog-style synths have been rediscovered.

Analog Modeled basses dominate certain styles of music, and other analog-type elements—from drums to leads to pads—are frequently heard in contemporary popular music.

Alesis has been at the center of this resurgence. Our first product in the line was our A6 Andromeda, a true analog synth considered by many to be the most powerful non-modular analog synthesizer ever made. Next came the Alesis Ion, praised as one of the most powerful and best sounding Analog Modeling synthesizers ever.

Now, the Micron furthers this legacy, taking the Analog Modeling synthesizer in yet another new direction. Please be sure to register your Micron at the Alesis website, www. This will help us give you the best support we possibly can. Bookmark not defined.. Helpful tips and advice are highlighted in a shaded box like this. Chapters 3 through 6 cover the main operating modes of the Micron—the patterns, rhythms, setups, and programs.

The names for all buttons, knobs, and wheels on the Micron are formatted throughout the manual so as to be easily identified. Here are some examples: 6 The top panel buttons are bolded and [bracketed]. Parameters length Specific settings for various parameters are italicized. When something important appears in the manual, an exclamation mark like the one shown at left will appear with some explanatory text.

Then plug the adapter into the Micron and into a wall outlet. Plug a set of headphones into the headphone jack on the rear panel.

WARNING: When connecting audio cables or turning power on and off, make sure that the amplifiers in your system are turned off or the volume controls are turned down. Connecting the Foot Pedals The Micron has two pedal jacks marked sustain and expr.

NOTE: If your sustain pedal response is backward i. Then, turn the Micron back on while keeping your foot off the footswitch. Explore the built-in patterns. Capture and play back some phrases. Setups are where programs, patterns, rhythms, and more all come together in powerful, flexible combinations.

Display Information relevant to the current operation is shown here. Turning the control knob then cycles through options. Pushing the control knob allows you to edit these options.

There are two types of patterns—arpeggios and sequences see chapter 3 for more about arpeggios and sequences. Rhythms Rhythms are combinations of sequenced drum programs. Think of a drum machine with its interchangeable sounds and sequences. Setups Setups combine multiple programs, rhythms, patterns, and more. Most Micron functions involve pressing the buttons and then turning or pushing this knob.

At any one time, only one of the buttons will glow, indicating that the Micron is operating within that mode. Push again to stop editing. Find the [programs] button on the right side of the top panel. Press it; then spin the control knob. Notice how the programs are organized by category—first basses, then leads, then pads, etc. Turn the volume up and listen to some of these programs. Sometimes, they increase or decrease the quickness of the attack. Sometimes, they change the tone by adjusting the filter resonance.

Play some notes before, during, and after moving the m2 slider. At the end of the list, all of the programs are presented alphabetically, regardless of category. Notice the red text just above the keyboard. This text corresponds to the 13 categories and also includes the all, uncategorized listing.

To jump to a category instantly, hold down [programs] and then press the associated white key. Recent The ten most recently played Programs are stored for you automatically under the Recent category. They are still listed under their primary categories. This is a duplicate listing to allow for super-fast access. Note that you cannot directly edit this listing.


Alesis Micron Service Manual

Alesis Strike Multipad How to send Program Changes from Ableton Are you running backing tracks from your Ableton live set and would like the Strike Multipad to change its presets along with your songs? Look no further! This video guide shows you how to enable your Strike Multipad to receive program change messages and how to send them from Ableton. Alesis has been actively testing all current hardware and software with each beta release to guarantee our users know exactly what works before they make the jump to the new operating system. We have partnered with Avid to offer the world-renowned Pro Tools First software bundle of virtual instruments and effects! This article walks through how to set up your Alesis controller with the industry-standard Pro Tools First music software. Not to worry!

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Alesis Micron Manuals

Features[ edit ] This section relies largely or entirely on a single source. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Besides these emulations which carry euphemistic names due to trademark issues , it has a series of filter models that are not commonly found on most synthesizers, such as formant and comb filters. This vastly increases the sonic range; most virtual analogs have only a single multimode filter usually featuring low-pass , high-pass and band-pass modes which was either designed from scratch or "inspired by" an existing "famous" filter model.


Alesis QS8 Manuals & User Guides


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