A Guide to Alocrom Plating by Ann McMullen On October 31, Alocrom plating is a chrome conversion coating used to plate aluminium and increase corrosion resistance. It creates a pre paint finish and good adhesion qualities. Benefits include: Corrosion resistance Excellent paint and power bonds Can withstand heat after coating Can self-heal if scratched Low electrical resistance However, alocrom plating is not suitable for decorative effects as a change in colour may occur. What can alocrom plating be applied to?

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ALOCROM is a rapid non-electrolytic dip process which forms a protective iridescent golden coloured chromate coating on aluminium and its alloys. It gives excellent corrosion resistance to painted and unpainted aluminium surfaces. The coating is flexible, and will withstand bending and denting of surfaces.

Also, it gives an excellent foundation for paint and other organic finishes. Light to medium coatings have minimum effect on surface electrical resistance. Applications ALOCROM is ideal for coating all types of aluminium and aluminium alloys including high silicon pressure die-castings.

It should be used on aluminium wherever maximum corrosion resistance is required, and is suitable for articles which are to be painted or left unpainted. It has approval for repairing damaged anodic coatings used in aircraft. Other uses include general industrial work, electrical components, domestic appliances, car body parts and aircraft components.

It is unaffected by steel, brass or copper inserts in the articles being processed. ALOCROM is not suitable for producing decorative effect on unpainted alloys which are subject to exterior weathering as some change in colour may occur in this use. Outside the UK, Alocrom range of products are marketed under the Alodine trade name.


Bonderite M-CR Alocrom 1200 Brush (Formerly Brush Alocrom 1200)

More information about our turnaround times. Additional charges will apply to express services. Why choose Metal Finishings Ltd? Alocrom is marketed under the name Alodine outside of the UK and drawings calling for Alodine can be coated with Alocrom and vice versa. Alocrom has a distinctive yellow colour, due to the presence of hexavalent chromium. For example, for maximum electrical conductivity, the coating is colourless to very light yellow, whereas for maximum corrosion protection it is a deeper yellow. Alocrom exhibits a degree of self-healing to minor damage, such as small scratches.


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What is the difference between Alodine and Alocrom ? How can I get information technical data for these two items. Thank you. Alocrom and Alodine are the two trade names for the same product. One is the US and the other is the European. Ciaron Murphy - Great Britain Q. Does "same product" mean "identical"?


Alocrom 1200

Our clients primarily ask us to apply chromate coating to their components as a corrosion inhibitor, a primer, to retain electrical conductivity or to provide a decorative finish. Chromate conversion coatings are commonly applied to everyday items such as hardware and tools, and can usually be recognised by their distinctively iridescent, greenish-yellow colour. Alocrom features Alocrom is a powdered chemical which when dissolved in water. Will form a iridescent golden, protective chromate coating of 0. Alocrom is usually used by dip.

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