In terms of material resources: performance spaces, rehearsal rooms, shops and state-of-the-art equipment. Also, in terms of human resources and the communities you find within universities. The initiative is meant to support women playwrights and increase the number of roles for women on stage. Having taught at a number of schools as a guest artist, and now teaching at University of California—San Diego, it seems like the issue of sexual assault—and more importantly, the attitudes and misconceptions that create a climate where sexual assault is prevalent—seemed timely.

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A new home. People of all races, religions and ethnicities have always come here to escape persecution; to seek a better life for their children. Anon is one of those children, long ago separated from his mother by a shipwreck after fleeing their war-torn native land. As an adult, the nameless Anon becomes every political or economic refugee who ever gave up a piece of his identity to blend into the American melting pot.

And became anonymous. Though, as Everyman, he resonates more urgently here as a Latino wandering the country from honky-tonks to sweatshops in search of his mother.

More identifiable are his encounters with hobos, barkeeps and a man illegally trafficking immigrants out of his semi. Matthew Clark and Brandy Dawson accompany with Western-tinged live music. Literature is filled with the search for identity and home. The most tragic tales are of characters unnaturally separated by war, genocide or economic desperation.

Anon is all of that historic sadness in one. Whether colonial religious refugees, the Irish of years ago or the migrant workers of today, we are all Anon — or were at one time.

John Moore: or jmoore denverpost. Magnolia St. Through May 2. Fridays-Saturdays; 2 p. April 19 and 26; p. April Mondays-Thursdays; p. Fridays; and p. Through May Town Hall Arts Center, W. Main St. Germinal Stage-Denver, W. This one-woman play stars Mare Trevathan. Through April Through May 9. First Place, or firehousetheatercompany. It is a whirlwind tour from s Africa to London that lampoons colonial and sexual repression with a gender-bent cast of characters who traverse time.

Conservatory Theatre, 13th St. To read our story on the project, click here. Manitou Art Theater, Pecan St. The play challenges the audience to consider what of the world might be worth rebuilding.

Aurora Fox, E. Colfax Ave.





Naomi Iizuka


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