Shelves: master-s-degree This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Introduction Islam is the worlds second largest religion, boasting more than one billion followers. The events of September 11, , and the fact that there are currently more Muslim Americans than Methodists combine to make Islam even more relevant to todays American Christians. In Answering Islam, Norman Geisler and Abdul Saleeb outline Islams fundamental beliefs, respond to them, and prevent a positive case for the Christian counterclaim. The Basic Doctrines of Orthodox Islam Though there are many rival sects within Islam orthodoxy, most Muslims agree on six basic doctrines.

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Dar To put the record straight however, I believe they felt it necessary to question the prophethood of Muhammad according to biblical criteria since belief in the latter as the last of a succession of prophets since Judaism is an integral part of muslim faith. He is the author of more than seventy books, including the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. Becoming Christian seemed a definite betrayal of normxn own family and Islamic heritage.

Its focus on the oneness and transcendence of Nirman the Creator prevailed. Good description of Islam in order to understand the thoughts and beliefs of this popular religion. The rapid spread of Islam shows that God Most High sent it as his final revelation to man. A good book for the researcher and enthusiast.

The response that I received to my letter from one of the most prominent religious leaders in my country was that I should just continue my secular studies and not focus too much on religion. Get to Know Us. Continue reading about Abdul Saleeb. This is a great book for the Christian, and the Muslim seeking to find a way to discuss their respective religions and their differences in a civil manner.

By the providence of God and because of various circumstances, I ended up enrolling in an International Christian School. In contrast to Christianity, there is no such thing as conversion in Islam, since all humans were originally born Muslims.

After the stunning victory at the Battle of Badr, Muhammad grew thirsty for more power and was eventually able to return to Mecca as a conquering hero. See all free Kindle reading apps.

It was pretty hard to get through, though. The Gospel for Muslims: This revised edition contains more resources and updated information throughout. My spiritual journey went on for months. This I believe is a blot in the otherwise well written book. Geisler PhD, Loyola Geissler of Chicago has taught at top evangelical colleges and seminaries for over fifty years and is distinguished professor of apologetics and theology at Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murrieta, California.

Explore Baker Customers who bought nkrman item also bought. My view of other religions especially Judaism and Christianity was that although they were fundamentally the same since they had all been revealed by one God, they were all inferior to Islam because all of them had to various degrees corrupted the original message of their founding prophets, something that we as Muslims have not done.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The History of Jihad: Morag Smith rated it liked it Jan 24, The Muslim mind annswering not have any more difficulty with this concept than any other mind.

Its unity, though impressive, fails to provide a positive case for divinity. Account Options Sign in. Because of the way the book is structured, presenting the basic Islamic doctrines and then a Christian response to these beliefs, there is a lot of unnecessary repetition in the book.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Jan 04, Lori rated it really liked it. An Encouragement to Share Christ with Confidence. I visit a local mosque twice a year where I have gotten to know the imman and another leader. Uthman was able to destroy and consolidate the texts into one canon, but the fact remains: One of these items is dispatched sooner than the other.

Belief in angels is vital to the Islamic faith. On the other hand, as my understanding of the Bible was increasing many of my questions were beginning to get answered. It a great education and apologetic work by a trusted and knowledgeable writer. Today, Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with over one billion adherents.

Follow the Author From Muhammad to Isis. Lists with This Book. This second edition contains two new appendices, a new preface written in light of September 11,and updated information throughout. Karen Pearson rated it it was amazing Dec 27, I had read this verse several weeks prior to that morning, but I had never understood its meaning.

Adam Donaldson rated it it was ok Mar 26, Related Posts.


Norman Geisler

Geisler by Ron Rhodes Norman L. Geisler is interviewed on a variety of issues related to this book. Newsletter: Why do Christians need to be concerned about Islam? Geisler: One out of every five persons on the face of the earth is a Muslim. One out of every five! In the United States Islam is growing at an astronomical rate. There are more Muslims than Methodists in the United States.


Answering Islam, 2d ed.: The Crescent in Light of the Cross

In Support of Dr. Ergun Caner has been under attack by extreme Muslims and others who have challenged his integrity and character, claiming that he was not a Muslim, let alone a devout one, and that he intentionally made false statements related to his Muslim background and conversion to Christianity. While Dr. For those times where I misspoke, said it wrong, scrambled words, or was just outright confusing, I apologize and will strive to do better. The attackers first attempted to prove that Ergun and I were never Muslims, a lie that was easily exposed. Then, their bitter efforts alleged we were never devout Muslims, an attack that even took cheap shots at our father, his devotion to Islam, and his devotion to his family. Documentation including court records once again illustrated their lies.

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