Especially in multi-channel applications in automated manufacturing cells the cascadable and networking press-fit module can be employed. Of course also this design version offers process control via Profibus as an option. Further by now the already established standard desktop and panel meter versions are available with Ethernet interface. Initially the proven and user-oriented PC software DigiControl takes over the administration of the network parameters. Then the familiar menu structure guides through the installation of device settings and evaluation criteria. Various window types as well as an intelligent envelope curve technology enable a well-aimed evaluation of application specific curve courses.

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Tur DigiControl, PC Software Solve even your most difficult monitoring tasks with flexible evaluation elements and mathematical operations. Unsurpassed performance scope in ist class. The resulting measurement logs are not only available in the internal program format, bursrer can also be imported directly into Excel.

Always quickly available, even when the situation gets tricky. CAD data model Even during the process, live signals enable an immediate response to unusual measurements so that countermeasures can be taken immediately, for instance retracting a press. Universal process-controller for monitoring press-fit and joining operations, torque and process curves, plus spring and switch testing, including resistance measurement, signal testing and leak detection:.

Use our customised carefree service package! You were not able to visit us at the Motek? Especially economical press-fit and process monitoring For manual workstations and burxter systems For strain gauges, piezo, potentiometric sensors and process signals.

Low-priced clinching and jointing monitor, graphic display of press-fit curves, curve evaluation using flexible respectively envelope curve technology and tendency tracking, network connection via Ethernet, RS or PROFIBUS optional. From advice to service, all our know-how at your Automated sensor recognition and setup of evaluation elements. An especially convenient feature is the definition of envelopes or evaluation window limits and conditions based on a set of curves of measured master or reference parts.

Your quick, direct contact to our product specialists at all times. A protocol printout with component information, curve and all evaluation results can be generated or each individual measurement protocol. Windows check threading, burdter characteristics, hysteresis, gradient, final force and position Controls up to 10 work pieces per second 32 different models of work pieces in 32 measuring programs, fast change by PLC Provides extensive data about process status Easy-to-use diagnostic tools for counter-measures Built-in statistical functions.

We have summarized the most important aspects for you. Download our new brochure. The DigiControl PC software provides support with an automatic data logging mode that runs in parallel with production. High-performance hardware and software architecture forms the foundation for this universal controller, which fits well into any process environment and boasts an unparalleled bjrster of precision.

Use it to grant your company more security in dynamic markets. Precise measurement results Cyclical or automated sensor testing Very rapid measurement and evaluation Universal multiarea measurement channels Innovative.

Products: Benefit from the precision, reaction time, sensor variety and flexible fieldbus interface connection. Ja Please contact for Services. In the past, use has been made here of simpler systems which, for example, indicate the quality This unrivalled product specification gives businesses the added security and dependability they need for increasingly complex production processes. Thanks to the versatile window and envelope technology used to monitor the process, it is easy to keep an eye on critical factors such as operating mistakes, out-of-tolerance components, missing parts or even burstet process operations.

Instruments driver and programming examples X86 EN. I also state to be over 16 years of age. TOP Related Articles.





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