Andrews caterpillar image by dinostock from Fotolia. Variants CAT produces eight versions of the B, with marine horsepower ratings ranging from horsepower mhp at 2, rpm to mhp at 2, rpm. However, all models share the same configurations. Performance Specifications The inline, six-cylinder B sweeps cubic inches of fuel and air from its combustion chamber when its pistons move from top dead center to bottom dead center displacement , and the mhp version has a brake specific fuel consumption BSFC of 0. Other Specifications The B has a cylinder diameter of 4. It has an oil capacity of 7.

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The Caterpillar Engine remains one of the best designed and dependable engines Caterpillar ever produced. The engine is a The engine was first manufactured in the early s replacing the older and models.

The CAT was first widely used in the CAT Excavator in and was manufactured all the way up until the late s when emissions technology changed. The CAT are known to be for their reliability due to the uncomplicated design. The earlier versions were equipped with the precombustion chambers and later replaced with direct injection. The newer left hand scroll fuel system are also very reliable versus the older sleeve metering fuel systems. The original models averaged much lower horsepower ratings between — hp with most later models maybe getting hp on a good day.

The original indirect injection engines average 8 — 11 gallons of diesel fuel per hour but modern direct injection CAT s average much better GPH ratings. The engine was installed in in a lot of D6 and D7 Dozers, 12G, 14G and G Motorgraders but is also found in everything from rollers, scrapers, excavators, dump trucks, cement mixers, gensets , front end loader and industrial pumps.

Back in the s and s the engine was installed in all of the major truck manufacturers such as Peterbuilt, Kenworth and Freightliner. Those engines would have never made the cut today as much more powerful engines are installed in Class 8 Over-the-Road Vehicles.

The engine is also found in a lot of vocational trucks, step vans, delivery vehicles and bread trucks. The CAT B was a huge hit in the marine industry and was successfully installed in millions of small boats from tugs, dredges, ferries, pump boats, drifters, trawlers and fireboats.

CAT Specs.


Caterpillar 3306 Engine Specs

Engine starts and runs great on these cold days, it does white smoke when its cold, but it clears up when warm. I might be looking for a fuel injection pump for a , they are telling me, mine might be worn excessively causing low power. I was hoping to find someone with a bad engine and get the pump off of it. They are checking other things as we speak. I only have lbs of boost pressure aneriold disc has been changed, but it was OK air cooler system pressure checked OK Turbo appears to be OK new filters, psi fuel pressure Ive got the mechanics scratching their butts so far I usually have a lot to offer on these problems, but its got me stumped also The engine doesnt smoke at all when warmed up and without a load it runs OK for a I have another truck with the same setup and it will run circles around this one when loaded. One other thing and it may not be nothing, it just seems like it takes longer for the engine to decelerate, when changing gears and the engine was painted when I got it and the exhaust manifold is a pink color, not the normal rust color.


CAT 3306 Engines



3306 Cat engine



CATERPILLAR 3304 3306 engine specifications and manuals


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