Mar 20, Steve Fincher rated it it was amazing Not as good a good 1. Silverfin but still a great series, this is the last of the Higson written Young Bond, I hope Steve Cole who writes the rest is as good. This series so far has been every bit as good as Alex Rider or Jason Steed. Apr 12, Benjamin Clow rated it it was amazing Charlie Higsons By Royal Command is not only a master-class of a James Bond novel, but also a perfect example of how Young Adult fiction can be both emotionally mature as well as beautiful literature. I first read this book when I was 11 years old, when I was moving schools and towns, and I remember it having such a powerful impact on me.

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She then finds a sheet of paper with a name from the past on it: James Bond. During this time, Bond is on his way for a school skiing trip in Austria when he runs afoul of a group of Hitler Youth members who call him a cheater for having won a game of poker.

He beats them, gives them back their money, and tells them to play with good grace. Some time later, he arrives in Austria where he realizes that he is being followed. When he arrives at his hotel, he is still being followed. There, he meets with his friend Andrew Carlton and his teacher Mr.

During a skiing outing, Bond goes after one of his classmates who is drunk and they get caught in an avalanche. He later finds out this man was the Graf Von Schlick.

Bond also meets the new maid, Roan Power. He finds himself falling in love with her and starts to spend time with her, although doing so brings him unwanted attention from Theo Bentinck. A few days later, he is invited to a party given by the Prince of Wales where he meets the mysterious Graf Otto von Schlick. Sometime later he is knocked unconscious, bound and gagged by Dandy, who is planning to assassinate the King by blowing up the church of Eton, while framing Bond for it as part of a plan to start a communist revolution.

After preventing the attempt and escaping with a hidden knife, Bond goes after Dandy, who tries to kill him with his knife.

Bond is saved by the man who followed him in Austria when he shoots Dandy, who takes him to Mr. The teacher reveals that he works for MI6 and that they have been keeping an eye on him. He tells Bond that Dandy and Roan are working for a Communist cell and that they want to know all about the operation.

They want Bond to get Roan to talk. Bond informs her that Dandy was captured and, after she begs him not to give her away, they share a kiss. However, unable to betray Roan, Bond tells her the truth and they make plans to run away to Austria together. Before they leave, Bond is accosted by Theo Bentinck, who has been out drinking, and provokes him, before tidily beating him up, and sending him on his way.

During their crossing the continent into Austria, they are pursued not only by MI6 but also by Sedova. Perseus Friend, whom Bond thought he had killed in Silverfin.

It is revealed that Friend had assumed the identity of the Graf since the surgery and had met Bond at the party, and the original Graf had been killed. As he was more sympathetic towards Hitler, and the fact that Dandy and Roan would have claimed to be working for the Communists, the United Kingdom would have formed an alliance with Germany , isolating the French and giving Germany an ally in the ensuing war against Communist Russia.

Bond and Roan are locked up and Friend plans to have Bond flayed alive as a revenge for having nearly killed him. However, they manage to escape and are pursued around the castle by Wrangel.

As he is about to kill them, OGPU agents under the command of Colonel Sedova, who had followed the entire conspiracy since Lisbon, attacked the Germans. Roan kills Wrangel, saving Bond, and Sedova kills Friend. Sedova corners Bond and Roan just as Bond had cornered her in London.

Deciding to show him the same mercy, she tells him that she is taking him back to Russia as leverage against the British, when MI6 arrive and rescue the two. Sedova tries to shoot Bond, who is saved by Roan. Bond shoots Sedova, although she disappears shortly afterwards. Before dying, Roan reveals that she had been married to Dandy, but that she loved Bond. Subsequently Merriot informs Bond that, although the King was very grateful that he had saved his life, he would be unable to remain at Eton, so Bond is sent instead to Fettes College.

Background[ edit ] In an interview, Higson stated that By Royal Command will deal with Bond being forced to leave Eton College due to an incident with a maid. Bond meets Princess Elizabeth and her uncle the Prince of Wales during the course of the book.

In the game, players around the world use a range of media, including the Young Bond books themselves and the internet, to complete the missions and influence the outcome of the game. Higson took part in a live online event that concluded the game on 8 October


Young Bond: By Royal Command

When his whole world explodes, James is forced to go on the run, pursued by enemy agents and the British authorities. James must choose between friendship and duty. His life will never be the same again The following excerpts concern book five - By Royal Command. Click the links in the sidebar to read the interviews in their entirety. It will tie up all the various threads, characters and themes that run through all the five books. It will end with Bond leaving Eton, which is part of the Bond mythology, which we had from Ian Fleming.

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By Royal Command

Following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps, James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton. But James is under surveillance; his every move is being watched. He alone holds the clue to a sinister plot that will bring bloodshed and carnage to his school — and his country. Life for James Bond will never be the same again. Forced to flee from Eton to Austria, James must leave behind everything he knows, with only a beautiful — and dangerous — girl by his side. Soon he is trapped in a deadly war of secrets and lies, as a nightmare reunion with a bitter enemy throws him once more into the path of death. But when the young James Bond encounters him after a tumble in the mountains, he is sure that all is not as it seems.



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