Shelves: chess This book, the "bible of tactics," is the best bang for your training bucks. The publisher description is good but let me elaborate a bit on a few things. So, while This book, the "bible of tactics," is the best bang for your training bucks. Because there are no explanations, one cannot get a deep understanding of why some of the tactics work as they do, or why certain moves in the miniatures occurred. The closest thing to an explanation in the games is the occasional Informant-style annotation variation of a few moves.

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Is this worth getting? Some people swear by it. Some say it is garbage. It 5 or ten of the puzzles go over cimilar positions with small differences which allow you to learn the pattern of the mate in many different situations. This is very good and helps with recognition over the board. I mean go over them until you can instantly recognize them and know the answer. This has helped me extensively with tactics over the board.

It is definitely worth it. But you need to go over the book every day. The puzzles at the end are fun and aesthetically pleasing as well. Some people hate this book apparently for the same reason I love it - it has absolutely no text.

Just boards and solutions. You have to do the thinking for yourself, and that makes for great training and cultivation of tactical instincts. Memorization does little for play in a time-dependent game that has such a large number of possibilities - you have to learn the heuristics - i. Comprehension which involves flexibility, distinction between related and divergent variants, and creativity beats memorization every day of the week because you can easily forget what you memorize especially under duress , or what you encounter may not be what you memorized and as such erroneously rote play can be abused by your opponent.

But enough talk!


5334 Problems, Combos and Games

Updated: Dec 5, , AM 0 I have decided to take a renewed look at this mammoth book of puzzles and tactical games written by Laszlo Polgar. I purchased a copy some time ago and remember working my way through about a third of the book quickly but just perused the rest of the material. The majority of the book is solving for checkmates in two moves and many of the puzzles are difficult. There are also various historical games based on pure tactical themes. Checkmate is the whole objective and point of the game so it will pay dividends to master this area. To complete the book in entirety is a rather challenging task because of the sheer size of the material. When solving problems you should always write your solutions down on paper.


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