Product variations Key Features Sharp resolution captures the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements. NIKKOR lenses are built on a proud heritage of producing precision camera optics that delivers superb color and razor-sharp results. Incredible, Bright 2. In addition, the high-contrast and anti-reflection coating on the screen assist in clear viewing, even in direct sunlight.

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This is so especially due to the rich information inside. With this manual, users will be able to figure out many kinds of information regarding to the camera product. Some information such as specification, features, camera parts, instruction, and others will be provided here.

So, for you who are still learning about camera, referring to the user manual of it will be the best idea to take. Further, due to this importance, here we aim to bring you manual of one digital camera products from Olympus. With the look, people can be instantly attracted to a certain camera product. More than that, look is also representing the personality of the camera owner.

And it is also reflecting the quality and class of the product. This is why many manufacturers are concerning to bring the most sophisticated look of a camera. So, before jumping up to the Nikon CoolPix S Manual, here we are going to talk about the look of this camera first. At 93 x 55 x 24 mm body dimension, this camera is undoubtedly pocketable in small place like your shirt pouch. It also allows you to do a single-handed operation since the total weight is just approximately gram.

The touch of aluminum-brushed over the case makes Nikon CoolPix S more expensive than the real price. Better still; the rear will be enjoyable part of camera for navigation and image review. The S comes in two optional colors, black and blue that can be chosen depends on your personality.

Similar to its sibling at the same class, for sure, this camera offers the practicability of photography. Its rich features inside are packed in the timeless-style and futuristic body case.

For more information, read the complete detail as explained below. The S becomes one of the smallest cameras to support Image sensor shift Vibration Reduction. This feature is well-known for its ability to reduce and prevent the image from getting too-much blurry and shock. Unfortunately, the full-charging EN-EL11 battery is only able to result shot in normal mode.

But, the interesting thing is that we can find larger 2. Based on the Nikon CoolPix S manual, this screen brings different experience of image reviewing and easier navigation.

For every purchase, users are going to get battery pack, charger, USB cable, audio video cable, strap, and software suite.


Nikon Coolpix S560 Manual



COOLPIX S560 Camera Manual


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