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The course provides officers the leader, tactical, and technical training needed to serve in company and higher-level positions. WOAC training consists of two components: a Prerequisite studies. It is completed online and provides warrant officers serving in CW2 or higher duty positions relevant training in organization and management techniques, communication skills, preparing and staffing documents, conducting meetings and interviews, problem solving, time management, writing, coordinating activities, and ethics. CW2s have the flexibility to enroll at any convenient time after promotion to CW2. Once enrolled, the course must be completed within 1 year.

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Click on the rank insignia above to go directly to the U. Army Human Resource Command page for that ranks section. Once at the Site, it will prompt you to enter your AKO user name and password.

It is a program designed to meet the needs of the Army and the individual officer. It is a cooperation among the individual officer, the commander, and the career manager. You are the one who makes short-term and long-term goals and communicates them with your commander and career manager.

You initiate contact with your career manager to evaluate your file and request assignments to make sure you are competitive for the next level. Officers have the responsibility to develop themselves through self-study and by seeking higher levels of responsibility.

The Career Manager monitors and aids your development through assignments and formal schooling. Your manager offers an objective evaluation of your file against your peers for promotions, selections, and assignments. Your manager will make recommendations for courses of action to help you proceed to the next level.

Commanders should counsel officers on career opportunities, self-improvement, and individual needs. Officer Evaluation Reports provide a direct response regarding performance and potential at the next level.

Commanders should routinely provide OPDs at the unit level. The Officer Personnel Development is responsible for the overall professional development of Quartermaster Officers by monitoring application of the personnel life cycle functions. The proponent establishes training requirements for specific assignments and monitors courses to ensure they remain current with job requirements.

The Officer Proponent forecasts developmental needs for force transformation. This page was last updated on: February 20,


Officer Personnel Development

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da pam 600-3 commissioned officer development and career management



DA PAM 600-3


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