De Luca to promote innovative uses of Electromyography. The proposal submission windows is between April and September of each year. Read the guidelines, download the application form, and submit your entry. Participate How is the Winner Selected The winner is selected by a 5-member Review Board nominated by the De Luca Foundation and consisting of Experts in Electromyography from scientific, engineering, and medical disciplines. Eligible entries are scored based on the impact of the innovation, the evidence of usefulness, and the clarity of the description.

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Page Getting Started With The Trigno System Trigno Systems are equipped with a universal medical power supply and are provided with interchangeable country-specific plug adapters. Energize the power supply by connecting it to a Mains outlet or to an isolation transformer. The sensors must be docked for a minimum of 3 seconds in the charge cradle, however, for the self-powering scheme to initiate upon undocking. The host can either be a PC-connected base station or a Bluetooth enabled Android device.

The Trigno Base Station uses a custom RF protocol to guarantee high data bandwidth across 16 sensors with no inter-sensor latency. For maximum signal amplitude, it is important to orient these bars perpendicular to the muscle fiber direction.

The top of the sensor is shaped with an arrow to aid in the determination of this orientation. Discard after using. Reseal storage bag to maintain freshness. Immediately discontinue use if skin irritation or discomfort occurs. Patients with sensitive skin may experience temporary redness and irritation. Launch Test Panel Places the Trigno Base Station in a test mode to assist with verification of analog output signal connections. Each of the 64 analog output channels is configured to produce a unique sinusoid which can be verified by properly sampling these channels with secondary acquisition system.

Triggers must be armed through software options as indicated in the example screenshot below. This stems from the basic requirement to have all patients electrically isolated from equipment within their reach, and since the PC running the Trigno Software is conceivably within their reach, it too must be isolated.


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Surface EMG provides information about aggregate motor unit activity in superficial muscle. With the combination of LabChart analysis software and a PowerLab data acquisition unit you have the flexibility to collect and synchronize a wide range of signals for analysis. We also offer a range of LabChart compatible solutions able to stream directly in LabChart. Enabling Discovery LabChart data analysis software creates a platform for all of your recording devices to work together, allowing you to acquire biological signals from multiple sources simultaneously and apply advanced calculations and plots as your experiment unfolds.


What are the units conversion values for the Delsys EMG and Accelerometer signals?


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