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In fact, the small brain in our guts, in connection with the big one in our skulls, affects our mental state and plays a key part in the development of diseases. Conversely, an excess of alcohol or drugs can create a runoff of pollution.

From which we may start feeling the consequences like tiredness and not being able to think clearly, bouts of anxiety or depression, or we may even start to develop symptoms of illness and health issues.

From migraines, depression and foggy thinking, to autoimmune illnesses , arthritis, and chronic fatigue. The digestive system breaks down nutrients and delivers them throughout our bodies, keeping us alive and thriving. Fun fact: You have three and a half to four and a half pounds of bacteria in your digestive system that help you survive. Good gut bacteria foods The good bacteria in your gut want to create a harmony of health with you.

These friendly communities are called your microbiome , a bacterial fingerprint that is unique to you. They help synthesize vitamins, protect you against infections, and run your metabolism. The health and happiness of these bacteria determine your overall and digestive wellness, including how fast you age and how much fat you store. The number of healthy bacteria in our bodies is determined by our family and ancestors, our climate and environment, whether or not we were breastfed, our stress level, medication, and what we eat.

Adding probiotic-rich foods to your diet will recruit more healthy bacteria soldiers to help your body fight the good fight. Fun fact: There are over 1, types of bacteria in your digestive system with hundreds of strains, but the most common ones are from two families: Bacteriodetes and Firmicutes. They help us in many ways:.


Chapters include...

Shelves: health-books This book contains good solid information and could absolutely really help improve the health of a lot of people. This book was good, but not as good as the book on this topic by Dr Sherry Rogers which I found far more thorough. That book was excellent and so I would recommend it over this one. If all your library has is this book however, it is well worth a read and makes many important points.


Digestive Wellness



Digestive Wellness: Understanding Good and Bad Gut Bacteria


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