English Commencing in , Douglas Reed spent more than three years working in the New York Central Library, or tapping away at his typewriter in spartan lodgings in New York or Montreal. With workmanlike zeal, the book was rewritten, all , words of it and the epilogue added only in The story of the book itself — the unusual circumstances in which it was written, and how the manuscript, after having remained hidden for more than 20 years, came to light and was at last made for publication — is part of the history of our century, throwing some light on a struggle of which the multitudes know nothing: that conducted relentlessly and unceasing on the battleground for the human mind. The Controversy of Zion can be left to speak for itself; indeed, it is a work of revisionist history and religious exposition; the central message of which is revealed in almost every page, understanding and compassionate of people, but severely critical of the inordinate and dangerous ambitions of their leaders. Everything that has happened since Reed wrote those last sentences in has continued to endorse the correctness of his interpretation of more than years of troubled history.

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Start your review of The Controversy of Zion Write a review Shelves: essays-on-pre-modern-civilization , my-library , political-essays , politically-committed , religiously-committed , revisonist I need to look at this book again before I can comment at length-I read it so long ago. The essential thesis of the book is that the exclusivity of Zionism and its ambitions arising from its separation from the rest of human kind has been a curse working down history and one likely perhaps destined to lead to Armaggedon.

Here he follows Houston I need to look at this book again before I can comment at length-I read it so long ago. Here he follows Houston Stewart Chamberlain. The commentary on the parables in the New Testament are moving and haunting and strike with all the force of conviction and persuasion. The notion of a Zionist conspiracy in the murder of the Russian royal family is also vivid and harrowing.

However, I feel that Reed plays down what does not suit his arguemnts, for example he has nothing to say about the rise of anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union. It is a plea for the Redeemer Christ against Judaism and the religions of racial exclusiveness. He has something in common with George Orwell, another left-wing patriot. Their support for the terror bombing of Germany greatly detracts from their persuasiveness in my eyes.

The bombing of German cities was not primarily an act of war but an act of vengeance, a Biblical act and as such Reed should have recognised it as thevery kind of vengefulness which he characterises as a characteristic of Zionism. As Nietzsche said, he who fights with demons should beware that he himself does not become like a demon or words to that effect and Douglas Reed became an agent of the very vengefulness he otherwise so skillfully denounces when he joins the Churchill war party this in other books not here I have great sympathy for much of that they said but feel that at the core of their patriotism there lies an unresolved dilemma: does patriotism not imply the kind of exclusivism which they otherwise and in other palces entirely rejected?

The Times obituary noting that Reed was a "virulent anti-semite" shows that even "quality" papers like The Times cannot distinguish between racialist anti-semitism and political anti-Zionism. At least, I could find no anti-semitism in the sense of being opposed to Jews for racial reasons in "The Controversy of Zion". Quite the contrary. Be that as it may, this book should be read more often and discussed more often that would not be difficult to achieve, for "The controversy of Zion" is ignored by nearly everyone today in view of the hostility between Zionism and Islam, the rise of Islamic terorism and Zionist domination of much of Western policy, especially US, French and German foreign policy.

This is a book which should be reprinted and reread.


Douglas Reed – The Controversy Of Zion



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La Controverse de Sion


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