Kagami Paret therefore accompanies you through your reading. Parts of the teachings of this school were never completely disclosed in print. My library Help Advanced Book Search. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Many of the powerful results of Mesmerism are scarcely reachable if only pursued through verbal hypnosis.

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This work dealing with the science of Mesmerism Is writen by J. Coates, P. For none of these faults do I offer anapology to my readers. Spencer T. Hall, Captain John James, Dr. William Hitchman; thefriends and contemporaries of Drs. Elliotson, Braid, and Gregory; Harriet J. Martineau, H. Atkinson, F. Roth, President of the British Homoeopathic-Society, admits the facts of Mesmerism, and contributes learned articles on the subject to the Society and its journal.

He declares: we cannot any longer afford to sneer at the miracles performed at the institution, known by the name of Bethshan, since we have healers in our midst who dispense with both physic and faith. These healers are medical men. They will have some influence with the public, who are always more or less influenced by the opinions of the Faculty.

Medical men have a weakness for experiment I should very much regret to see the sneer and abuses arising from the mal administration of Mesmerism and Hypnotism, which are now and have been besetting Continental hospital practice, extending to this country. Experimenting with hysterical and diseased patients is at once to be deprecated in the strongest possible langhage.

Experiments should not be indulged which are not essentially curative and normally elevating in character. This is not done, I am sorry to say. The gratification of Idle and pedantic curiosity, In the operations of these modern Hypnotists, appears to me. I look to the honour and common sense of the Faculty as a whole to put down any such attempts here.

I rejoice to note the fact that much of the continental practice is. Jules Volsin has made two highly interesting experiments, at Salpetriere Hospital, on hysterical patients on whom he studied the action of telepathic remedies medicamentia distance , such as.

He explained the phenomenon of various changes of personality presented by one of his patients, M. He threw the subject into a lethargic, somnolent and cataleptic state, but obtained no result under these conditions. When M.

Voisin made his experiments on any patient in a waking state, the latter immediately fell into a hypnotic state and exhibited symptoms of disturbance, nausea and vomiting. If the name of a drug, of which the effects are well known, or the effects of any medicament whatsoever were mentioned, during the state of hypnotism, the patient immediately manifested of physiological effects of these remedies.

Suggestion and unconscious suggestion were thus manifested In another series of experiments, M. Jules Voisin observed during one of the three phases of somnolence lethargy, somnambulism, catalepsy the state of one of his subjects Y. By suggestion, the effect of metals was destroyed or produced without their presence, and if the contract of metal took place withoutthe knowledge of V. General sensibility, sensory and motor sensibility and the psychical state were effected by suggestion.

Jules Voisin there-fore believes it possible that the phenomenon of change of personality, as described by MM. Bourru and Butot, represents the last phase of a hysterical attack,. Similar changes of personality, lasting only a short time, were observed in Somnambulism. They were always preceded by a physical change resembling an attack, and they were apparently induced, by any mental suggestion which accidentally recalled the previous existence of V.

In the following pages the difference between Animal Magnetism and Hypnotism, may be traced throughout every chapter Belonging to the old school of Mesmerists, I have a weakness for Animal Magnetism as the primary operating agent in all mesmeric phenomena. At the same time, I have always known and recognised the influence of other agents or secondary causes, such as weariness of flesh and spirit, suggestion and imagination, made so much of now-a-days by hypnotists.

These powers" then, which. Whether this can be done, legally or otherwise, it is difficult to say. The best course for all who read this book, is to be careful,, "How to mesmerize" and by whom they are mesmerized. Table of Contents.


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