The machine incorporates a host of innovations, the most important of which are a new, user-friendly inch touchscreen, a new PUR glue application nozzle with new side gluing unit, a new, fully automated cover feeder and special functions for digital printing applications such as the automatic block thickness measuring device for single-copy production and bar code recognition and -printing to ensure cover and contents are compiled correctly. Other features include the high-quality spine preparation unit and the lift-type delivery that gently and carefully guides the book block after binding to ensure optimum spine quality. Both are tried-and-tested functions that have helped the Eurobind earn its well-established reputation for producing short and very short runs to exceptional quality standards. As a result, the adhesive binder is a true all-rounder that delivers high-quality end products - regardless of whether materials have been printed using offset or digital technology or whether the run is medium, short or very short. Print shops and bookbinders can use the machine to cost-effectively manufacture everything from simple catalogs and quality brochures to digitally printed personalized photo books in the shortest of runs.

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All postpress activities of the Color Group are consolidated in the latter. The print and finishing quality of the Color Group has won several awards over the past years. Manager Peter Wagstyl stresses that the demand for high quality applies not only to prepress and the press room, but also to postpress. Together with Wolfgang Huber, he runs the Color-Group enterprise. Color-Falz typically receives high-grade finishing and postpress orders of all kinds, including complex punching, stamping, hot and cold foil laminating, celloglazing, and manual packing.

Color-Falz has long had its own cutting, folding, stitching, and drilling resources. However, demanding brochures and product catalogs for sporting goods, financial services, and cosmetics, as well as art catalogs require adhesive binding. Roughly ten to fifteen percent of all postpress jobs are adhesive bound, whereas their share in turnover and costs is far higher.

When Color-Falz decided to acquire its own adhesive binding production line, its main goal was to control the manufacturing process and timelines itself. So it compared all adhesive binders that were available on the market, including at first hotmelt and dispersion gluing machines. For Wagstyl, however, one of the main requirements was "to manufacture products on the same quality level as is achieved with a large-scale unit.

Furthermore, the upstream gathering machine can be used not only for adhesive binding, but also for other jobs that require manual packing.

But even for difficult jobs, we do not need more than thirty minutes to set the cover feeder, the adhesive binder, and the three-knife trimmer. And since the machine stores the setting data, it takes only a few minutes to prepare repeat orders", says Wagstyl. PUR adhesive binding is mainly used for coated art paper with matt or gloss surfaces that are almost always dispersion varnished.

Celloglazed sheets and covers with the same finishing are often glued as well. According to Wagstyl, a minimum spine thickness of less than two millimeters can be achieved. That has prompted a financial service provider to entrust us with his entire range of brochures", reports Wagstyl. Depending on the required packing and the complexity of the jobs, an average to cycles per hour can be reached, with peaks of up to 1, cycles with fairly easy jobs. Unlike traditional roller application systems, the glue application system of the Eurobind PUR applies just as much glue as is needed.

Each block at a time, the nozzle ejects exactly the same amount of glue. The precise metering of glue improves the lay-flat characteristics of the finished product. There are no more glue drips between the pages, and the spines of the products are exactly square", says Wagstyl. Excess glue stays inside the system and is recycled. Since the gluing line itself and its workflow integration are fairly inexpensive, even the production of partial or preliminary runs can be economically viable.

Any changes he may request can be implemented quickly and flexibly, without putting the whole edition at risk", explains Wagstyl. As soon as a product has been accepted, the presetting data are retrieved, and production can continue without delay. This flexibility makes even large run lengths profitable.

In case of long delivery deadlines, the product can be manufactured in several batches so as to utilize the machine to the full. That is a decisive quality advantage, especially with high-grade products. More Postpress — Cutting It is not until the finishing stage that a print product takes its final form.

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As soon as a product has been accepted, the presetting data are retrieved, and production can continue without delay. Send me email alerts for similar machines. Select Year — 5. It is not until the finishing stage that a print product takes its final form.


Used Heidelberg Eurobind 1300 PUR perfect binders


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