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Raised to appreciate the finer things in life, Sam has no trouble divesting the wealthy of their treasures. This all changed, however, the night she attempts to steal a valuable item from a Palm Beach estate. Before she knew what hit her, a bomb goes off, a guard is killed, and Sam ends up saving millionaire Richard Addison.

On any other night, having a one hundred plus pounds of female fling herself at you is a good thing. But on this particular night, Richard Addison is mad as hell. When the dust settles, Rick knows the only person with answers to his questions is the mystery woman. And if she thinks she can hide from him, she better think again. Was the bomb designed to destroy evidence of an earlier theft, to kill Richard or to target Sam?

With Richard wanting answers and Sam needing to clear herself of a murder charge, this unlikely duo teams up in an investigation that goes from professional to personal faster than you can say "counterfeit Picasso.

Agent, Nancy Yost. The situation turns deadly when Sam spots a trip wire and crashes into Richard Addison, saving him from a bomb explosion. Rick realizes she did not plant the bomb and decides to listen when Sam contacts him with a proposition. She wants to find out who set her up, and Rick wants to know who tried to kill him.

As dead bodies start to pile up, it becomes increasingly challenging for Sam and Rick to stay a step ahead of the killer and the police. And despite knowing that she is an unrepentant thief, Rick is highly attracted to Sam.

Proving she is a genuine force to be reckoned with, historical author Enoch kicks butt with her amazing romantic suspense debut. Under no circumstances do you want to miss out on this thrill ride.

She smirked at the attorney, not having to feign irritation as they continued to argue on Worth Avenue. And considering that the male heat coming off of Addison was making her mouth dry, she definitely needed to keep a little distance — and perspective. Probably the idea of someone being able even to tally all their possessions, much less tote them about, stumped him.

Everything she needed to exist from day to day was in the trunk of the Honda. This partnership had been her idea, not his. She could probably ease her way into command later, but with Addison she wanted some ground rules set. Leaning back against the side of the limo Donner looked like a tawny-haired mafioso with a tan and cowboy boots.

He was right about having the advantage here. The sight of a herd of news cameras loping in their direction made her yelp. Not bothering to wait for someone to open the limo door for her, she did it herself and leapt inside.

No photos. A photo meant you were labeled and remembered and recalled at convenience. Donner took the seat opposite, and the limousine rumbled with reassuring speed into the light traffic. Will that make you feel better? I was thinking more along the lines of a phone call or two — not inviting the fox back to the henhouse. Her uncertainty about this whole deal grew, and she tried to drown the butterflies in her stomach with a swallow of water. Uncertainty, or lust, Sam? With the heated vibes ricocheting between them, she had a good idea which it was.

That, she needed to find out. Not a difference to me. But I do expect your help in return. But this was anything but business as usual. Her freedom and her life were her responsibility. Addison nodded, sending a warning glance at the attorney. And no one to help you figure it out. Her father must be spinning in his grave right now. His daughter was riding in a limousine with an attorney and one of the wealthiest men in the world.

She knew exactly what Martin Jellicoe would do with the opportunity; steal Richard Addison blind, deaf, and dumb. That thinking, however, was why her father had spent the last five years of his life in prison. As she glanced again at Addison, she decided that the restraint lessons would come in especially handy.

Every mile took her further from her gear and her car, further from the safety net of the city and its crowds. They approached the front gates, a uniformed cop standing in front of either post. The limo driver rolled down his window, held a brief exchange with one of the officers, and the gates opened.

No need to go over walls, dig tunnels, or anything. Facing forward again, she scowled at the attorney. I know you gave them a description of me, because I heard it on the news. And yet here I sit. Samantha had a point. The deference with which the Palm Beach police treated him was expected, given his status in the close-knit, elite community, but he would be a fool to rely on it for anything more than keeping the press away from his front door.

Even so, he intended to keep his perspective. She might give off more heat than the Florida sun, but she was playing a game, just as he was. The only difference was that she wanted to get away free, and he wanted. Guests are to be expected. And since all I have is your first name, you may as well call me Rick.


Flirting with Danger



Flirting with Danger



Flirting With Danger Quotes



[PDF] Flirting With Danger Book by Suzanne Enoch Free Download (384 pages)


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