Tam sme videli prvykrat grrecke emu. And our wishes were heard. Dingoes were brought to Fraser Island by aboriginal people, who used them to hunt down wallabies after they slowed them down with a boomerang. The second dingo encounter was without us even knowing about it. If you do not have a login yet, sign up. This site uses cookies.

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Shagor Their body is skinny and so people assume they are hungry. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Nature Take it and go. Kedze tieto maju velmi malo energie, koaly prespia okolo 20 hodin denne. Grexke strasidelnejsie bolo, ked sme zistili, ze ich laka celova baterka, ktoru mala Lucia na sebe. Allegedly Australia is home to some of the greckf creatures in the world. Klokanik sedel len par metrov od nasho auta a Lucia stravila dobru polhodinu pozorovanim s pomocou baterky.

Perhaps, it is because there is not much of them left. Ak ste niekedy o tom pochybovali, tak nam mozete teraz verit, kengury su v Australii skutocne uplne vsade. Dalsie stretnutia nas cakali v Billabong Sanctuary prirodna rezervacia, zoo blizko mesta Townsville. They look very much like dogs, but, as we were told, have their genes more common with wolves.

Druhe stretnutie s dingom bolo bez nasho vedomia. Niekolko prikladov mozete vidiet tu. Snakes and crocodiles are big here too. Gfecke and emus are too big to fly, but Australia has a few big flying creatures too.

For example bats, or flying foxes. Did you know, that you will get part of the credit spent back? Coral Sea Take it and go Pingback: On the fifth encounter we had the pleasure to taste the kangaroo tail, an aboriginal delicacy introduced to us while bush camping on our trip to Uluru.

On our trip to Uluru we slept in a bush around a campfire only in swags baue is in theory a one person tent, in reality just a thicker sleeping bag. Mozno preto, ze ich uz nie je tak vela ako kedysi.

Now only a couple of 10 thousands are living across Australia. Presumably to find a place to spend night at. Kakadu, papagaje, andulky a ine farebne druhy su vidiet a pocut takmer vsade. Not only do they get really close to people, they also stayed for a good while and then even showed up in the evening right in the campsite where we stayed at the beach.

The fourth time we spotted one jumping across the viewpoint at the Glasshouse Mountains, magnificent hills rising up high from flat land just north of Brisbane.

Shall we start with the most famous? Bohuzial, sme to ale nezistili tak, ze by sme ich videli skakat po busi kazdu chvilu. Kangaroos and wallabies here spend their mornings watching the sunrise at the beach in company of humans watching them do it.

Dvoch, ktori nas zblizka pozorovali pocas obeda, sme lahko odplasili mavnutim ruky. We recommend to update your browser or try another one. Fast download Slow download. Tieto majstatne vtaky s dlhym zobakom nam pripominali grecke myty a baje a tak nam pripadali akesi mysteriozne. Oh, and have you aver seen a wombat? Even scarier when we realised that they are interested in our head lamp, that Lucia was gfecke.

To copy the file to Favorites you have to sign in first. A tie, ktore nie su tak zlatucke su aspon pekne zaujimave. Nasu prvu sme videli uz pocas tretej noci, ktoru sme travili v odlahlom narodnom parku Speewah. Unfortunately, cases when they attacked kids or inebriated and weakened people happened.

Dingov na Fraser Island priniesli domorodi obyvatelia, ktori ho pouzivali na lov klokanov, spolu s bumerangom. Sice nie tak zname, ako ine australske zvierata, ale velmi zaujimave su kazuare anglicky cassowary. Miesto cinu bolo priamo pred Uluru, na zaciatku turistickeho chodnika okolo skaly, kde v tom case stal stanovy kemp.

Ak by ste mali vymenovat aspon 3 veci spojene s Australiou, urcite aspon jedna z nich bude zviera. Notify me of new posts via email. Pozrite sa ako vtipne vyzera na poslednom obrazku anglickeho textu. TOP Related Posts.


Staré grécke báje a povesti - Eduard Petiška, Václav Fiala

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Kníhkupectvo KNIHY PRE KAŽDÉHO s.r.o.

Ararn It was a koala. Toto bol nadherny zazitok. If you do not have your username and password yet, sign up. Ako keby toto nebolo uz dost velke vzrusenie, 2 mali dokonca aj male vo svojich brusnych vakoch. Su to vtaky velke ako pstros a ich krk a hlava su pekne farebne.


Staré grécke báje a povesti (Eduard Petiška)



Staré grécke báje a povesti


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