They want to know how he died and whether he lived his life the way he claimed. There have been some rumors supposedly circulated by his original publisher, Health Research in Mokelumne Hill, CA, that Hilton Hotema died from a motorcycle accident in This is simply not true and it was really quite comical the first time I read it. Perhaps his publishers were afraid he might lose some credibility if it was found out that he died of natural causes. I guess they wanted to make sure they could go on selling his books. This is really the only explanation I can think of in regard to the motorcycle story.

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Highly recommended for those with unusual reading tastes. A Fantastic Read!! By Uzo Uba This book will help you to climb higher in Consciousness As a Vegetarian I was a but ashamed to read the "true facts" in this book about my meatless diet, -which kind of hurt my feelings, however I want to change and change is sometimes painful. You will be surprised to read some of the many facts in this book about eating meat, eating vegetables, composition of the blood thru diet and much much more.

But to be truthfully honest, if you are even here reading this review right now, then this is a book that you will love and keep for future reference as you evolve and transform, becoming more intelligent, and more loving.

Indeed, you will also find quite shocking information about the history of mankind degeneration; just reading this book will give you a different outlook on life. What you see with your two eyes when you "wake up" every morning is just an illusion, which many people never escape from. Arm yourself with Knowledge! I urge you! The fire of knowledge must be ignited inside you or your life will never amount to any significance. Your not the only person who is questioning the idiotic way of life that many people are living.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. Arm yourself with real knowledge, Go Beyond, and you will understand all that you have been wondering. I am not sure what much to say, but you should definitely buy this Book. Other good books I have purchased I really love this eye-opening book! It took nearly a year of listening to his interviews before I decided to give this book a read. I found it so interesting and so compelling that I bought a second copy so that I have an everyday copy to carry with me and a backup in case I lose the original.

It appears that the author sometimes repeated entire chapters from his prior books, but the Hotema material is such uncommon knowledge that the repetitions were beneficial and worked well for me.

See all 21 customer reviews Hilton Hotema Kindle [N Hilton Hotema Doc [N Hilton Hotema Doc Diposting oleh.


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