If so, this audiobook is for you. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to overcome skepticism and weariness, and begin the work of healing a broken marriage. But just taking a look at this audiobook shows you have the heart of a fighter. In One More Try, Gary Chapman gives you the courage and confidence to move forward when your marriage is falling apart. Emerson Eggerichs Narrated by: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs Length: 8 hrs and 47 mins Unabridged 5 out of 5 stars 3, Performance 4.

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These last two are considered to be different ways people respond to growing up in a chaotic environment. It was very confusing for me at first because I saw myself in most of what was described, and identified strongly with three of the styles and mildly with the other two.

Finally, in the chapter on "Identifying Your Love Style," I learned why when they said: "We find that people from chaotic homes often see themselves on nearly every page. From there, they go into some teaching on how to truly connect with your spouse using what they call the comfort circle. The book I purchased has a workbook included, and I found much of this to be very helpful as well. There are numerous places in both the book and the workbook where the authors list characteristics of each attachment style or even statements that a person with that style would be likely to make.

I found these lists extremely useful in figuring out what fit me the most. Some of us try to fix our marriages without ever taking a look at how they work. When a friend was describing its premise to me a few weeks ago I was intrigued. How do I love? I was also hearing about this book at the same time my first true love, and ex-boyfriend I thought I would be married to, resurfaced and he and I, with my husband chaperoning of course, had to navigate the waters of closure on a relationship dead in the water many years ago but the wreckage still floated in the sea.

I know that perhaps not only how I love is formed by what I learned about it in my growing up years but perhaps its extended to this relationship that meant so much to me in very formative years as well. Click here if you are curious enough yourself. And so with that little bit of possible knowledge about me I dove into the book. By page 11 I was emailing a friend and recommending it and making mental notes in my head, amazed that some of the questions they ask if I ask myself were spot on!

But I have decided upon finishing the book that this reading of it was cursory at best and I ordered it, with the workbook included, through Amazon and will be going back through it giving it the time it deserves so I can learn. Yes, it is THAT good. We are the sum of our history. To ignore it is to be blind to the currents that sweep us along through life. Taking their time they outline and unpack what five different love styles, or imprints, look like and how they may have formed.

I identified most closely with 2 of the styles which is one reason why I wanted to go back through and do the workbook as well. I would even consider going to one of their workshops! I thought the examples and stories they gave helped flesh out the different ways in which the love styles manifest themselves.

Traditionally we think of men as being the controller, for example, and they gave a real life example of a woman that was a controller. For me that was refreshing to not have examples that stuck men and women in roles traditionally thought of but to show that man or woman is prone to any of the love styles.

In each section they explain thoroughly what that part of the circle is and how each love style can look for ways to relate in healthy ways through it.

I can see where the workbook will greatly enhance not just the unpacking of the different learning styles but also give insight and guidance on how to begin to be healthy and relate well. Reading just the book will give someone a great step forward in understanding and even tiny amounts of application but the workbook is where the application really comes in, or so I am guessing. This is a relationship changing, life changing book.


How We Love



How We Love (Book)



How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage




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