Because sometimes fault is yours. Normally, the life time of a battery is 1 or 2 years. After that you have to replace it. You are doing this mistake while you are using your phone around 1 year or so.. To remove these unnecessary accounts.

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Design, Network, and Call Quality A sleek phone this is not. The Premia 4G has a humdrum slab design, with a dark gray textured back panel and a ring of shiny gray plastic around the glass display. The phone measures 4. Typing on the on-screen, Swype-enabled keyboard felt fine. Reception is fair and data speeds are very good on the Premia.

I pulled in average speeds of 4. The Premia also connects to Call quality is average. But calls made with the phone sound very clear, with surprisingly good background noise cancellation. Calls sounded fine through a Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset and the stock Android voice dialer worked fine. Battery life was average at 8 hours and 45 minutes of talk time. The Premia feels fast and responsive in casual use, and turned in some respectable benchmark scores.

The phone is running Android 4. You get five home screens to swipe between and customize that come preloaded with a few apps from MetroPCS. The phone also bombards you with incredibly annoying ads for MetroExtras until you turn them off. You also get all the typical Android bells and whistles, including a fast Web browser, excellent email support, and free voice-enabled, turn-by-turn GPS directions via Google Maps.

I was able to use my 32GB SanDisk card, but not my Music sounded excellent over a wired pair of earbuds, but it was a little thin through a stereo Bluetooth pair. For video, all of our test formats played back in resolutions up to p but Bluetooth audio was very slightly out of sync.

The 5-megapixel camera is decent, but nothing more than that. It snaps photos in just 0. Photos quality is average for a 5MP sensor, with decent color and detail, especially for photos taken outdoors. But video performance is poor. The camera records p video at a smooth 29 frames per second, but the autofocus locks in and out every time you move the camera even a little, which makes videos look like you are constantly refocusing.

A standard 1. The LG Motion 4G is also comparable, but has a slightly more compact size at the expense of a smaller, lower-resolution display.


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