Sony DigitalMaster? The four-channel audio data is embedded in the i. This allows users to edit recorded material with a compatible nonlinear editing system using current DV editing software, as well as record SD signals to an external VTR. When down-converting these signals, the aspect ratio displayed can be converted from to Display modes can be selected from Squeeze, Letterbox, and Edge Crop. Letterbox output is not available from the i.

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The DigitalMaster? Cassette - ideal when longer recoding times are required. The newly developed "Clear Photo LCD plus" further improves the visibility of previous LCDs, offering more detailed and colorful photography of objects in dark or bright places.

Duplicate Plus The Duplicate Plus is a dubbing function that can duplicate the tape with timecodes via an i. LINK interface. By using the Duplicate Plus button it helps to make a work tape, which contains the exact timecode that the original source tape contains. By displaying the edge crop marker on the monitor, you can check the crop position on the LCD monitor before down converting.

In addition, the HVR-M25E has a Custom Repeat function that allows operators to set a repeat number of times, a repeat interval, and a start time of repeat. Assign Buttons Other than the default functions, frequently used functions can be assigned for convenient and customized operation. See as you work The high resolution integrated LCD monitor can be used on the HVR-M25E to view the images as they are recorded or to check the playback picture - ideal as a quick reference tool.

Easy integration to the way you already work Continuity of Workflow can be very important. In addition, you can choose to convert your HDV footage with the in-built down-converter to output in Standard Definition if required. LINK: 4-pin.


Sony HVR-M25P, Feature Rich HDV/ DVcam & DV VTR (PAL/NTSC)

Mausho Both standard and mini size cassette tapes are supported. Why Create an Account? In addition, the HVR-M35P has a Custom Repeat function that allows operators to set a repeat number of times, a repeat interval, and a start time of repeat. LINK devices together via their i. Once you have logged into or created your account, you will then be re-directed to the Quotations Submission Page where you can submit your quote request. Copying will then begin. Watch as you work Excellent picture reproduction for viewing and cuing up tapes with the added benefit of audio.


Sony HVR-M35P, Flagship HDV/DVCam & DV VTR with support for native progressive recording (PAL/NTSC)


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