Yolrajas The Magic of Reality Retrieved 8 April Dawkins sees religion as subverting science, fostering fanaticismencouraging bigotry against homosexualsand influencing society in other negative ways. Retrieved 10 November Has anyone ever told you that earthquakes are caused by a sneezing giant? Admittedly, those last two are a bit difficult for modern persons, but he might have asked all the same. In stunning words and pictures this book presents the real story of the world around us, taking us illusioben an enthralling journey through scientific reality, and showing ilpusionen it has an awe-inspiring beauty and thrilling magic which far exceed those of the ancient myths. Retrieved 28 November Thus, Dawkins states, morality does not originate from the Bible, rather our moral progress informs what part of the Bible Christians accept and what they now dismiss.

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Start your review of The God Delusion Write a review Sep 24, Anica rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone, but particularly Christians and Muslims Shelves: changedmylife Well, this settles it once and for all. There is no God. Which turns out to be a good thing, considering the God most Americans believe in is a crazy, vengeful, ego-maniacal monster. Dawkins insights are so cunning and profound you cant help feeling embarrassed for the believer. Some of the main arguments: Believer 1: The diversity of life is too complex to be random, so it must have been designed by someone even more complex.

Dawkins: If the designer is so complex, then it mustve been created by Well, this settles it once and for all. And on and on like that. Believer 2: The chances of having all the right conditions to develop life are so miniscule, it had to be done on purpose.

But there are potentially a billion billion planets in the universe. And we know it happened here, so it could definitely happen again. Dawkins: People all over the world make the same moral decisions in thought experiments, regardless of vast religious differences. We do not need God to teach us good and evil. Not only that, no person in modern times can seriously claim they are basing their behavior on Biblical guidelines.

In the example of Lot, God only spares Lot and his daughters, because they are the most righteous people in town. Then the two daughters proceed to get him liquored up and seduce him. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it. How well, with what fatal results, religion erects totems, and how willing we are to kill for them!


The God Delusion



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