Kazralkis articles Further, this paper was referenced by many others. That information has been published rebugtal a number of years. Some of you have opted to give a regular donation. If we were going to do appropriate testing, we should use the system developed by the Edmonds Institute in Edmonds, Washington. A sellable product and get rid of plant residues without burning. That was a fabrication by a newspaper reporter.

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Shajas In her defense, it is impossible to check everything we hear or read we have to take some things of faith. After all, the bacterium would survive and happily continue to make alcohol. Under the direction of his academic advisor, Elaine Ingham, Holmes elected to do his thesis on the effects of this genetically engineered KP on plants, something which had not occurred to the EPA, as it was not required for the release of new genetically modified organisms, Lawton notes in his Acres USA expose.

Once the sludge was spread it onto fields in the form of fertilizer, would the Klebsiella-planticola get into root systems? But I do know a lot of people who make compost, successfully, without treating it like a sick baby, and grow vegetables with it. Certainly, by her own admission she made some significant mistakes. It is all so confusing to me. We would see the same with that nematode for the possums possibly. At week 8 the only other data point after week 2 it is the opposite.

So useful when people want to take this stuff beyond the coffee table. Anderson claimed the experiments showed that the bacteria were able to persist in the soil, and that once released would be very difficult to eliminate. A clarification was submitted to the Royal Commission basically to point out the incorrect reference for the scientific paper. A few rather outrageous blips have appeared that have flamed me, but most people can see through the rhetoric to the facts.

There is no way we can possibly determine the safety of biotechnology using current scientific methods. While regrettable, a typographical error does not change the fact that the scientific data are published and in the scientific record.

They publish a biosafety handbook which goes through all of the testing that should be required to inghzm the potential effects of genetically engineered organisms. The web of life could be altered, but would not come to an end. Evidence in Rebuttal — Life Sciences Network This engineered bacterium has never been released into the natural environment, and hopefully, never will be. A good nursery or Amazon—Reotemp rsbuttal the most common brand.

Maybe that is the way to produce the best compost evar, but producing adequate compost with minimal effort is much more to my liking. In an email response on 9 February, Dr Inghm substituted the following published rrebuttal paper as supporting her witness statement: Field burning of plant residues to prevent disease is a serious cause of air pollution throughout the US. This bacterium was engineered to produce alcohol from plant debris, so alcohol could be produced after raking up grass straw residues instead of burning fields.

The scientists are simply speculating well beyond anything that they can logically infer from their limited scientific observations. So, when we came along and started adding that organism to soil so it could move into the root system of a plant, grow on the exudates actually produced by the plant, and now start making alcohol in the root system of the plant, an unexpected unpredicted occurrence happened, which was seven days after the genetically engineered iingham planticola was added to the soil; all of those wheat plants turned into slime.

Content — GMWatch. So what does Klebsiella-planticola do in root systems? TOP 10 Related.



Kazrara So what does Klebsiella-planticola do in root systems? Her hens keep themselves busy digging through it. Think about a wine barrel or beer barrel after the wine or beer has been produced? I am dead serious about the two questions in this comment. While regrettable, a typographical error does not change the fact that the scientific data are published and in the scientific record.


It is inadequate to subject ORGANISMS to the tested [sic] required for non-living chemical pesticides, and conclude that there will be no adverse or risky effects from release of those organisms based on that testing. Almost no work for me except for the hauling. Not in any way. John Ikerd, a retired professor from the Sustainable Agriculture Systems Program at the University of Missouri and we have reprinted it rebbuttal as a final comment on this matter. Business Headlines Sci-Tech Headlines.


Since Klebsiella-planticola is in the root system of all terrestrial plants, presumably all terrestrial plants would be at risk. We could cook with it. Maybe you have to collect it awhile? Wevers letter attacking Dr. Dr Ingham apologizes to Royal Commission http: In conclusion, it is our opinion that Dr Ingham has presented inaccurate, careless and exaggerated information to the Royal Commission; incorrectly interpreting published scientific information and generating speculative doomsday scenarios that are not scientifically supportable. They enjoy turning it daily for us. The wheat plants grew quite well in the Mason jars in the laboratory incubator, until about a week after rebuftal started the experiment.

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