The player places the discard tile sideways in the discard pile. If the tile is called, the player places the next discard tile sideways. These are tiles in the dead-wall underneath already revealed dora indicator tile s. Every tile the player draws must be discarded unless she declares a win, or in some rare cases a kan may be declared. If the player passes on a ron, the player becomes permanently furiten.

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Moogurr The 1 tile of this suit has a red and green peacock. Thanks to some luck with the dora indicators, the player managed to transform a point hand into a 24, point monster.

Mahjong Terminology Part 2 — Electric Boogaloo. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. The fourth set can be an open triplet or quad, or a sequence. The yaku and their values are essential for scoring. Each triplet or quad is worth 1 Han. A round consists of at least four turns, or hands.

After each player wins a hand, a marker is flipped to show they have won a hand. If another player claims a riichi discard to make open melds, the player who declared ready discards the next tile sideways. Dealer position only changes if the dealer was no-ten. Situation 4 — No one wins the hand If no players can complete a hand before tiles run out, the hand japanwse considered a draw. Contains only red Sou tiles 1, 5, 7, and 9-Sou and Red Dragons.

Will you add more sections to the guide? If an abortive draw occurs, players discard their entire hands and begin a new hand. If you are planning on winning with an open hand, you want to go for easy yaku, like an iipeiko one set of two sequences of the same numbers in the same suit, sanshoku three sequences of the same numbers in all three suitsor iittsuu a straight from number 1 through 9 of one suit.

The fourth dora is the Red 5-Sou. Leave your question in the comments section and I will try my best to help you understand it. Certain yaku, particularly yakuman, are hard to get. The dealer determines the hand of the round. The point doubling is applied after the points for the hand are calculated. Here are some helpful links that can help you if you want to know more about mahjong or need help scoring. The hand can be seven pairs. In this hand, the 9-Sou and White Dragon are considered dora indicators, meaning the next tiles in the sequence are worth bonus points.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This yakuman can only occur if no calls have been made. These yaku are based on luck and are all worth 1 han. Likewise, these two yaku can never be won via drawing a tile. It is only visible to you. The East player then discards a South Wind tile. In this instance, the yaku is not counted since the hand has a yakuman value.

A nagashi mangan cannot be combined with the other yaku and can only occur if: It may make you feel like this. The format of this yaku does not count iipeikou when three pairs are in sequence. If one player is in tenpai, the players in no-ten give points each to the player in tenpai.

You are the best: The yaku from Shousangen is always added japanesr the 2 Han from the two Yakuhai of the Mahjonb, making the value of this hand 4 Han. These yakuman are only available on the first go around. TOP Related Articles.


List of yaku

Open hands are not applicable. The winning tile can be either a discard or a self-drawn tile. One-shot no longer applies when another player makes an open meld, including closed quads. Haitei raoyue means "to scoop up the reflected moon from the seabed. This hand is sometimes also referred to as houtei. Houtei raoyui means "to scoop up a swimming fish from the riverbed. Rinshan kaihou means "a flower blooms on a ridge".


Riichi Mahjong Yaku List

Example hand , containing many yaku. Many yaku are pattern-based yaku comparable to "poker hands". Unlike poker, yaku types do not supercede each other. Instead, they are the main factor to determine hand values.

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