U U The B is the ultimate Operation Page 1. Page 4 5. De-Scaling Procedure 62 6.

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U U The B is the ultimate Operation Page 1. Page 4 5. De-Scaling Procedure 62 6. Product Warranty Information 69 V. Certifications and Page 5 I. Operation 1. Page 7 5. Dispensing Hot Water - To deliver hot water only, the system is closed, vent valve [J] is de- energized, Page 10 2. Page 12 3. Page 13 4. Appliance Safety When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions must always be followed.

Read all instructions before using this Page 14 Filter Requirements The Keurig B brewer system requires the use of a water filtration system to optimize the coffee flavor Page 15 6. When the LCD displays the above information, the brewer Page 17 6. The LCD screen will display the image Page 18 9. At the end of the brewing process the image below will be displayed for 4 seconds. Page 19 7. Page 20 2. The display will look like this number of brews : 4.

Page 21 9. The display will look like the image on the right below. Page 22 8. Page 23 1. Once the menu is accessed the display will look like this set language : 2. Page 24 8. Page 25 The next screen will look like this hot water dispense. You can disable the plain Hot Water button Page 26 9. Draining the Brewer When you wish to drain the brewer, the following steps must be followed: 1.

Press the Page 27 When the K-Cup bin Page 28 II. Construction 1. The Modules What follows are images of the individual modules to show their general configuration. Not all Page 29 C. Page 30 E. Page 31 G. Page 32 J. Page 33 2. Page 34 III. Servicing 1. Page 35 3. Diagnostics — Error Codes: The B contains real-time error detection. There are a number of operational errors that, if Page 36 4.

This design facilitates ease of repair at customer locations Page 37 B. Page 38 3. Disconnect the clamps and water hoses attached to the water manifold. Disconnect the Multi Connector Tee manifold from Page 39 6.

The Inlet Valve is Page 40 Install the new module and connect all of the appropriate connections, hoses, and wires making sure that they Page 41 C. Page 42 5. Release the hose clamp and remove the brew tube from the entrance needle assembly. Loosen the four screws Page 43 8. Disconnect the multi colored wire harness located to the left of the Hot Water Valve and the two Page 44 D. Page 45 4. Reinstall the new valve. NOTE: When reinstalling the new Page 46 E.

Page 47 3. Disconnect the Hot Water Valve hose from the top of the bottom tank. Locate the two screws at Page 48 6. Remove the nut 6mm securing the green ground wire on the left hand side of the Power Module. Page 49 F. Page 50 4. Remove RED retaining clip from Murdock fitting.

This is a quick release tube connection. Push in on the collar, Page 51 8. Loosen fully the two screws that secure the Cold Water Tank to the chassis. They are captive screws so Page 52 G. Page 53 NOTE: The wires must be reconnected to their proper connections when installing the new module. Failure to do so will Page 54 H. Page 55 5. Disconnect the small tube at the union connection. Disconnect the wire harness connection. The Control Panel Module Page 56 I. Page 57 5. Locate the two hinge pins connecting the door to the brewer.

Using a flat screw driver, gently pry


Keurig Coffeemaker B3000 user guide

Coffee beans or ground coffee cannot be processed in this brewer. It can be configured with a coin vend control unit and a platform cabinet for additional K-Cup disposal capacity. It consists of a dual water tank capacity system which allows for fast sequential brewing. The brewing temperatures, water volumes and brewing times are tightly controlled.


How to clean your Keurig® K-cup® K3000SE brewer



Keurig B3000 Use & Care Manual



Keurig B3000 Manuals


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