Quem ficou irritado foi o seu ego, e o seu ego precisa de coisas desse tipo pra justificar seu complexo de inferioridade, por exemplo. Eckhart explains that all we think we are is actually a construction fruit of our coexistence with other people, from our parents in our childhood to the rest of society as our age advances. You grow up believing you like this or you need to do that much more by the influence of external factors than your true self. The purpose of the book is to awaken your consciousness, which would be your true self, who you really are, and who is hidden deep within you by the shell of your ego. And we will understand that the way to find it is a difficult road, yes, but not impossible. You need to police yourself a lot to start realizing when you yourself are acting and when your ego is acting.

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Zachary Smith Awful review, looks like you missed the parts about ego. Thoughtful reviews that balance each other, unlike some posts here. Weve all heard about how the ego keeps us chained to our judgements, fears, and desires. The difference is in how the author explains his points. Finally, we understand! Wouldnt you love it if all the stuff youve read about enlightenment suddenly became crystal clear? I see you all nodding!

This is it. Throughout the entire book, he reiterates the same points. He does not offer instructions. Heres a great What is so powerful about this book is not that there is much new material here. Attachment to things drops away by itself when you no longer seek to find yourself in them. Even though you have a goal, what you are doing in the present moment needs to remain the focal point of your attention; otherwise, you will fall out of alignment with universal purpose.

Make sure your vision or goal is not an inflated image of yourself and therefore a concealed form of ego, such as wanting to become a movie star, a famous writer, or a wealthy entrepreneur. Also make sure your goal is not focused on having this or that, such as a mansion by the sea, your own company, or ten million dollars in the bank.

Instead, make sure your goals are dynamic, that is to say, point toward an activity that you are engaged in and through which you are connected to other human beings as well as to the whole.

Instead of seeing yourself as a famous actor and writer and so on, see yourself inspiring countless people with your work and enriching their lives. Feel how that activity enriches or deepens not only your life but that of countless others. Feel yourself being an opening through which energy flows from the unmanifested Source of all life through you for the benefit of all. All this implies that your goal or vision is then already a reality within you, on the level of mind and of feeling. Enthusiasm is the power that transfers the mental blueprint into the physical dimension.

That is the creative use of mind, and that is why there is no wanting involved. You cannot manifest what you want; you can only manifest what you already have. You many get what you want through hard work and stress, but that is not the way of the new earth.


Um Novo Mundo – O Despertar de uma Nova consciência – Eckhart Tolle



Livro: Um Novo Mundo (pdf)


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