Nah, mungkin pertanyaan ini ada di benak kakak-kakak semua yang ingin mencoba si Bintang Kejora ini. Mau pakai yang One, Free, atau Powerpack. Okeh, daripada pusing cari jawaban yang pecah-pecah di Embah Google, mending baca artikel saya mengenai Perbedaan Mandriva One, Free, Powerpack versi saya :D Pertama-tama, mari kita telusuri tentang Mandriva One. Mandriva Versi One Mandriva versi ini, adalah versi yang ditujukan untuk anda yang ingin mencoba Linux Mandriva. Versi One ini, lebih ringan dan praktis tentunya. Anda bisa mencoba Mandriva tanpa harus meng-instal-nya terlebih dahulu.

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First, a eulogy for Mandriva Mandrake Linux was founded back in It was originally based off of Red Hat Linux, but diverged since then.

In a time before Ubuntu and other modern, user-friendly Linux distributions, Mandrake offered an easy introduction to Linux that made it popular. Mandrake merged with Conectiva in , renaming itself Mandriva. In its early years, Canonical would actually mail you free Ubuntu installer CDs if you asked.

The last version of Mandriva Linux was released in This Linux distribution actually died long ago. The last version of Mandriva released was Mandriva Linux , after Mandriva laid off most of its developers back in Mandriva clung to life as a business for a few years longer, but the company was liquidated in Mandriva has been on the edge of bankruptcy many times in the past. I have a soft spot for Mandriva—it was the first Linux distribution I ever used.

It provided an easy introduction to Linux for me and many other Linux users, and I remember passing around Mandrake Linux installer CDs with my friends. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and other Linux distributions now play a similar role. Mageia Linux. Mageia is the most popular successor to Mandriva. Mageia is a not-for-profit project that was created back in by a group of laid-off Mandriva developers and community members. Mageia is the real spiritual successor to Mandriva, and has been for years.

Where Mageia is a recent fork of Mandriva formed by former Mandriva developers, PCLinuxOS is an older fork of Mandrake originally developed by a single person, one that has diverged and moved in its own direction since then. The OpenMandriva project also still exists. In , Mandriva avoided bankruptcy by spinning off development of their consumer Linux software to the community. The OpenMandriva Association still exists as its own non-profit organization, and has released regular versions since then.

Linux distributions come and go. Other times, the Linux distribution is just left to gather dust and be forgotten. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.


Mandriva Linux is dead, but these 3 forked distros carry on its legacy

It promised a RPM Red Hat Package Manager Linux distribution that provided an eye-candy desktop environment, which was supposed to make its users extremely happyful. Mandrake, Mandriva, Conectiva A few years later, the distribution has been merged with Conectiva Linux, a Brazilian operating system, and renamed to Mandriva Linux, as it was developed and distributed by a French company named Mandriva. Unfortunately, in summer , Mandriva Linux was discontinued and most of its developers started a new project, called Mageia. For example, Dolphin is the default file manager, the default web browser is Mozilla Firefox, Amarok takes care of all your music collection, LibreOffice can be used for all your office needs, KMail is the default email client, VLC Media Player is used for movies, your photo collection can be viewed with Gwenview, and Kopete is the main app for those late night conversations with your friends and family. The best operating system for workstations and office PCs Being available in several languages, the OpenMandriva Lx distribution is one of the best operating system for workstations and office computers.


Perbedaan Mandriva One, Free, dan Powerpack

Old version, no longer maintained: Only commercial software under a license that does not allow unrestricted distribution to the general public but for which Mandriva has negotiated an agreement to distribute it with paid copies is not available from public mirrors. It was aimed at users to whom software freedom is important, and also at users who prefer a traditional installer to the installable live CD system used by One. The package selection was tailored towards regular desktop use. Mandriva Linux Free was phased in in favor of a single edition approach with Mandriva Desktop The default version included the KDE desktop with non-free software included.


Mandriva Linux


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