A spy, confused by his status as a double or triple agent, attempts suicide. To take each in turn: representation is, by definition, selective and subjective. Playwrights have to choose what they include in their dramas and this choice is necessarily made through the blinkers of their own perspectives. In the early twentieth century drama started to signal its dissatisfaction with its defining processes. It is not surprising, then, that by the s, more sustained and fundamental attacks were visited upon dramatic theatre.

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Photo: Frank Aymami. Courtesy of Creative Time. Andrea Fraser, Projection, Still from a 2-channel HD video projection installation. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Nagel Draxler. David Levine, Bystanders, Performer: William Ellis. Photo: Guntar Kravis. Courtesy of Alexandro Segade. Richard Maxwell, Neutral Hero, The Kitchen, New York. Mac Wellman, Muazzez, Performer: Steve Mellor.

Photo: Brian Rogers. Janine Antoni, Yours Truly, Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York. The Getty Research Institute. Susan Foster! Photo: Jorge Cousineau. Brown improvises movements across a large piece of paper on the Medtronic Gallery floor, holding charcoal and pastel between her fingers and toes, drawing extemporarily.

Mixed-media installation with live performance and pre-recorded sound track, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Lisson Gallery. Courtesy of the artist. Siobhan Davies and Helka Kaski, Manual, Courtesy of Glasgow Life. Photo: Michal Ramus.

Steve Paxton, Intravenous Lecture , Performed by Stephen Petronio with Nicholas Sciscione. Photo: Josh Brasted. Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein. Courtesy of the photographer and Pick Up Performance Co s. Hotel Modern, Kamp, Photo: Herman Helle. Performers: Eleanor Hullihan and Nicole Mannarino. Archival print from original film. Photo: Lydia Grey. Iannis Xenakis, Terretektorh, Distribution of Musicians, Collection famille Xenakis.

Courtesy of the Iannis Xenakis Archives. Lisa Bielawa, Chance Encounter, premiered Co-conceived with Susan Narucki. Photo: Corey Brennan, , Rome. Headlands Center for the Arts. Photo: Maarten Vanden Abeele. Christian Marclay, Chalkboard, , paint and chalk, x 1, inches. Photo: Christian Marclay. Photo: Cheung Chi Wai. Photo: Chad Kleitsch.

David Levine, Habit, Installation view, Luminato Festival, Toronto, Photo: David Levine. Meredith Monk, Shards —73 , Berlin, Bonanza, A documentary project focusing on Bonanza, Colorado, population 7. Pauline Oliveros, circa The Builders Association, Elements of Oz, Photo: Gennadi Novash.

Ain Gordon, A Disaster Begins, Veanne Cox. Here Arts Center, New York. Photo: Jason Gardner. Hopscotch, Directed by Yuval Sharon. Produced by The Industry, Los Angeles. Photo: Dana Ross. Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte. Tania El Khoury, Jarideh, Photo: Walter Kitundu. Photo: Akiko Ota.

Photo: James Block. Ethyl Eichelberger as Minnie the Maid, Photo: Peter Hujar. The Peter Hujar Archive. Color HD video, minutes. Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, Photo: Julieta Cervantes. Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Photo: Kevin Monko. Photo: Herman Sorgeloos.

Performance lasts 24 hours. Photo: Peter Cook. Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel, replica of original. Wheel and painted wood. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photo: Allison Smith and Michelle Pemberton. Rimini Protokoll, Situation Rooms, Courtesy of the artists. Christine Hill, Volksboutique Organizational Ventures, Mixed-media installation, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany.

Theaster Gates, Dorchester Projects, Chicago, Courtesy of White Cube. All rights reserved. Used by permission of C. Peters Corporation. Square Dances took place in four central London squares throughout a day, with different casts in each: 10 children in Woburn Square, women in Gordon Square, 35 men in Brunswick Gardens, 25 dance students in Queen Square.

Each performance involved bells, ranging from a huge church bell that struck every minute; to a handmade musical instrument using bells within its barrel structure, created and composed by Terry Mann; to tiny hand bells for the dancers. Photo: Hugo Glendinning. Dictaphone Group, This Sea is Mine, An aerial dance installation centering on the architectural and social history of the site.


Postdramatic Theatre



Postdramatic theatre



Post-dramatic theatre


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