I expect happy graduates of those programs to be very happy with this book I am and I am. I doubt, however, that a person not trained in ontological coaching could get much sense from these pages. It can seem to be merely jargon and wild promises unless you have actually put the techniques to work for yourself with the assistance of a coach as I have and I do. For people experienced with the methods, this book is an effective refresher and spur to action.

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Start your review of The Last Word on Power Write a review Nov 01, Erik Trautman rated it it was ok This book contains a handful of very useful nuggets see below wrapped entirely in a nonsensical and obtuse presentation which uses worthlessly broad examples and made up terminology to obfuscate its core value. The core concept is that you can make the impossible happen by completely reframing your perspective on life and how that informs your journey through it.

We frame everything in life as a reaction to what "should" and "should not" be, which naturally puts us in the frame of subjective reasoning and excuses. Instead, we should just casually examine the facts in a sort of Zen way -- they are just stones in the river that happened and we will keep flowing as needed. That allows them to have exceptional power to take risks. The corollary to your own life should be obvious. Clinging to hope for the future is the worst thing you can do… you must own the worst possible case fully and then you are freed to act without consequence.

Not only that, you must literally own that you will die and they will throw dirt on your face regardless of how your life goes. You must accept a certain meaninglessness in life to be truly free to live it however you wish. As part of your path toward fulfilling the impossible, you must declare that it is possible, that you ARE exactly whatever it is that you must be in order to manifest it, and that nothing that occurs along the way will stop the inevitability of this occurring. Further, you need to create your own version of the Jobsian "Reality Distortion Field" whereby you ARE the symbol of your new movement and the key player in the game of reality which you have redefined to be whatever it takes to realize your impossibility.

This also allows you to build a strong enough frame to draw others into the game with you because the rules are clear and you are clearly committed to making it happen. It also allows you to view your whole life through this frame, processing information, relationships and action through a lens you never otherwise could have. Finally, this game takes place in the frame that your impossible future is the starting point and you simply need to work backwards from it rather than moving incrementally forward from the present as we typically do.

All of these things make you act bigger and more creatively. As a process, you need to get comfortable making tons of requests of other people and leaning into the results whether positive or negative. This is just Hustle , but if your frame is sufficiently strong then this is really the only option anyway, so it all comes back to fully embracing who you need to BE and what your reality needs to look like to make this happen.

Finally, spend lots of time practicing these concepts on a small level to build awareness of them. For instance, look for multiple times a day when you deploy your "winning strategy" and think about what impossibility you are trying to avoid.

Many of them seem powerful to put in practice, if not quite in the exact framework presented. The examples are very broad and not well supported but seem designed, like a good horoscope, to give everyone something to see themselves in. The terminology used to describe the concepts is incredibly obtuse and seems designed to confuse rather than educate. Lots of time is spent unpacking totally inane concepts like enumerating the dozens of ways you can make a request of someone that really takes away from the core messages.

But… well, hopefully you can find a better summary than this to unpack the ideas without having to suffer through the path to them so you can achieve your impossible dream. What a gift! I have not stopped talking about it yet or thinking about the concepts. I am not an executive but my goal is to lead an organization and this lays the framework. It also allows one to accomplish something so extraordinary that is impossible to actually making it possible.

There are two concepts that are freeing! Dying before going into battle - Freeing yourself from the illusions that you can control life so that it turns My sister gave me this book! Dying before going into battle - Freeing yourself from the illusions that you can control life so that it turns out the way it "should" and learning what my winning strategy has been all these years - this winning strategy will not propel into my new future Identifying my strategy has been key and now I can recognize it and move away from it.

This book is a slow read. It illustrate the very fact that our biggest strengths can also contribute at limiting ourselves. Jan 21, Jeff Lampson added it This book is from the performance coaching paradigm. The book has many practical tools and some really good inspiration. There is something about the language the author uses that feels a bit odd to me the terms "est-y" or new age come to mind. I will need to translate several of the concepts using language with which I feel more comfortable e.

Universal Human Paradigm, Declaring an impossible future, referring to this as a game although it does have an intriguing eastern "die before going This book is from the performance coaching paradigm. Universal Human Paradigm, Declaring an impossible future, referring to this as a game although it does have an intriguing eastern "die before going into battle" type theme , Reinvention paradigm, etc.

It clearly inspires breakthrough thinking and action vs. The author calls it creating an impossible future. The author also makes a case for moving beyond our winning strategy i. It definitely sends consistent messages to be extraordinary. She encourages readers to develop life long practices of being extraordinary practices with had me reflecting on connections between this and the Hudson Maps.

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