He became a world leader who served the nations of the earth and also provided for his own people, the children of Israel. Truly he was more than a conqueror. Josephs tenacity to stand before God and cry for de- liverance was just like that of the widow in Jesus parable. She was determined to stand before her judge and cry to him, regardless of what her adversary would throw at her.

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Dimensions: 8. Most helpful customer reviews 43 of 45 people found the following review helpful. Awesome Communication By dcs This book will expose the deceitful trick of the enemy to get the people of God to not use the greatest weapon that God has given us for victory.

Prayer is the link God has chosen for us to use to access all that He has to offer It is the key to intimacy with Him. It is the key to victory in life.

This books helps you to understand the importance of prayer. It also brought conviction, not comdemnation, to my own life for the prayerlessness that has plagued me. With the conviction came a desire to do the very thing the enemy of our souls fights so hard to get us not to do.

Very good read. Excellent treatise on the power of a consistent prayer life. By Zarah Mayes-Horowitz I have read many a book written by Bob Sorge--all of which have changed my life and ignited my passion for God. Like many of his other works, "Unrelenting Prayer," encourages the believer to seek God with abandonment and not give in to the temptation to give up when prayers go seemingly unanswered.

As is his imitable style, Sorge directs the focus toward Jesus and the pursuit of Him. He points out that even in the midst of discouragement and despair, God loves us and is there when He seems so far away, and for that reason, we should be encouraged to persevere in prayer and not relent, as God is always faithful. Bob Sorge clearly explains that God in His sovereignty and holiness reckons time differently than we, and since He is the director of our destinies we can trust Him to engineer a delay when He deems it appropriate, and He can deliver an answer in His own timing.

He reiterates throughout the book the love and care of God as well has His divine sovereignty. We can trust that even when we do not understand His movements, He is committed to our success and any delay to answered prayer is only to perfect us and bring about a best result to bless us and glorify Him. This is a must-read for those of you desiring the ability to persevere in prayer when everything in and around you tells you your efforts are futile.

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Unrelenting Prayer



ISBN 13: 9780974966434


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