Virgo Group is the one-stop-solution for all your sunmica needs. Our Company is known for trust, legacy and quality sunmica laminates. We are a commitment to quality, and sheer perfection has helped us carve a niche and become the best sunmica manufacturer in India. A Name to Conjure with! Our commitment to keep abreast of the latest advancements and to deliver nothing but the best has earned us the ISO certification.

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Applications of ACP Sheet: 1. ACP Panels can be used for cladding in the external architecture as well as in interiors due to its high durability and flexibility.

Partitions: All the office structures these days want to use the available floor space to the highest optimum levels.

And to achieve this, they use internal partitions. ACP is also one of the most cost effective variant among the range of partition materials. Therefore, it is widely used material in the construction world.

Signage Virgo ACP Sheet products have always emerged as the best in creating one-of-its-kind signages. Virgo ACP encompasses all the major Aluminum signage materials for all of your signboard design needs. Therefore, in this case ACP is the ideal material to cater these applications. Interiors Virgo also offers world class building materials for all your interior application requirements such as facial panels, column covers, furniture, display units canopy etc. That means you will be investing in ACP sheet once, but you will be witnessing their lasting impact for years.

ACP cladding in India by the best aluminium composite panel manufacturers livens up a building by augmenting its style quotient. However, most people compromise with the ACP sheets quality due to the high price. But, no worries, we understand your feelings and value them at the same time. Therefore, we have brought to you the best quality and colorful sheet range with wallet-friendly ACP sheet price per sqft. Customer Support: A customer-centric approach has been instilled in the staff at Virgo to improve relationships with customers.

They are trained and experienced to handle all queries and concerns. On Time Delivery: We are adhered to deliver on time as per the requirements of the clients and that material delivery always remained and will always remain on priority for our business. How are aluminium composite panels made?

Aluminium Composite Panels are composition of two thin aluminium panels with a film of thermoplastic polythene sensible in-between. Since there are several variations ACP or Aluminium Composite Panels they can be used in the interior or exterior cladding, wall panels, signage, making fascia and such as display panels.

How do you install Aluminium composite panel? The most common method to install Aluminium Composite Panel is with tray type rout and return panels and sealing joints, is one of its kind and available for a wide range of new buildings and renovation project.

How do you clean Aluminium composite panels? ACPs are durable cladding materials that are prone to elongated durability when maintained aptly. Panels are made with Aluminium Composite Panels that collect dust with other deposits.

These panels can be washed off with fresh water. In this case of dogged dust, mild soap solution, along with a soft cotton cloth can be used to wipe it off. Any detergent that is diluted and has a pH level of 8 can be used. Which is the best ACP sheets in India? ACP Sheet is one of the most popular sustainable materials that are used globally for the building construction industry. In, India Virgo ACP is one of the big aluminium composite panel manufacturers in the Indian Market and also provides the best acp sheet price in india.

Aluminium sheet panels help in creating the digital signage, such as LED and video walls. ACP framework in addition, guarantees weatherproofing. Moreover, ACP sheet offers a creative structure maintaining a spectacular glow throughout at the same time. What is meant by the ACP sheet? Aluminum Composite panel or acp is flat panels made up of two thin coated aluminum sheets and a polyethylene core stuffed in between. ACP sheets are used for external cladding, interior application, and signage and are also available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

They are highly flexible and lightweight, therefore, could be easily folded and bent. Is the ACP sheet waterproof? Normal ACP sheets joint would have to be carefully sealed and waterproofing has to be additionally facilitated then only there would be no caused penetration in those sheets during rain.

What is Aluminium composite panel used for? Now Aluminium Composite Panels are highly preferred for various applications as a construction material. They are used for Cladding, false ceilings, partitions, interiors, and signage.

Is Aluminium composite panel flammable? What is the ACP board? ACP Board is used as a signage board that is made up of three layers and has a low-density core with a thin aluminum skin layer bonded on the surface.

They are used as an ACP board because of their high structural rigidity and lightweight. What is ACP wall cladding? Due to its rigidity and durability, ACP sheets are used for wall cladding in exterior and interior architectural design. It can stand harsh conditions and thus is the best modern-day construction material for cladding and its extended life span is impressive for application.

Aluminum is lightweight metal and has ease of Installation, therefore, are largely favored by customers for wall cladding Virgo ACPabout us.

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