Three months later, on December 26 of same year the infamous Tsunami would wreak havoc in the Indian Ocean; many Swedes would lose families and friends vacationing in Southeast Asia. But, in September, there was no portent in the air. A deep autumn had arrived with wet leaves on the ground and a nip in the air. Though I have been to many other countries, this was my first time in Sweden.

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Though with it, as with any other, you have to spend hours attaching tags to the books and files you once stored in different folders. And if you really do have the time to systematise your study, I suggest you can use the quotation manager TextCite , and make a good use of its category functions to organise your reading notes. My intention here is different. I am disorganised to the extent that the effort and time that goes into my attempted writing of a PhD dissertation makes it impossible for wander beyond my writing, for the time being, or to systematically organise my ebooks for purposes other than that of writing.

The sublime object of Bibliography For some time I have been looking for a way to refer to my modest collection of about 10 GB of ebooks in pdf, html, djvu and other formats; about 5GB of journal articles and randomly scribbled notes in MS Word. This made me look for two things: a organiser of ebooks and articles that is and importantly a bibliographic citation manager. Like an idiot, the first thing I turned to was EndNote. Another of my objections is that EndNote created more problems in terms of storage, unless you constantly upgraded your stuff.

Even without upgrading, EndNote sucks. And after an endless session of scanning their tutorial videos, their forums, and googling solutions as how to get rid of the "invalid class string" message that appears every time I try to insert a citation from EndNote to Word, I decided that I had enough.

I tried Zotero for a few days, the free and open source add-on for the Firefox browser. While it worked good for synchronising notes taken from the web, there was no going beyond the proverbial Firefox way of crashing. I usually take a long smoking break when my favourite Firefox crashes, but this was a bit more. Zotero crashed everytime I tried to append a pdf ebook to it from my hard discs, and a number of times, without any provocation.

I almost got lung cancer! And for a day and two after that, I tried using Mendeley. As an offline and web-based hybrid citation manager, Mendeley too was free and excellent in terms of its management of books, articles, and citations, and the way it effortlessly scanned my library and fetched names, etc.

One, synchronization between the offline version and the online Mendeley account of yours takes hours, especially if you live on slow internet connections in the southern hemisphere. It was at this point, I was on the verge of frustration, and almost decided to go back to the manual entry process in MS Word. But I thought I would try at least one. I found JabRef. The best thing for JabRef is that it easy for the first-time user and uncomplicated.

It takes at the most minutes to learn. And finally it always free to try, and improve on if you are into coding , because it is open source. BTW, you have to have Java installed on your computer. There appear simple fields to insert your bibliographical data and linking facilities to either files in your computer or on the web.

And this YouTube video below explains most of the rest: I found out that I can easily customise on the input fields for the bibliographic entry. But you can easily download an excellent plug-in developed by Juan Jose Baldrich called "Chicago Manual of Style export filters" check here for the English version. For that, you just have to install two other pieces of free software: the basic version of a word-processing package called MikTeX available here and the Word-integration software called Bibtex4Word available here.

The developer of Bibtex4Word has put up a very comprehensible step-by-step installation instruction here , and you can refer to it if you have problems installing. Once done, you can integrate JabRef with MS Word to seamlessly insert your citations in your manuscript, and to look up ebooks, articles, and links inside the same window. It really saves time; believe me!


Buro Angla By Abanindranath Tagore

Grozshura Thumb sizedby the curse of Goa-nisse Ganesh? I saw an elderly lady, dressed dignifiedly in a fur collar, a hat, and a locket, with wise eyes that had seen much. She had an activist side as well. Buro Angla : Abanindranath Tagore : No trivia or quizzes yet. Nirupam is in Turku, Finland.


Buro Angla: The Big Adventures of a Little Hero



Buro Angla : The Big Adventures of a Little Hero



buro angla


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