Bailey and Alan Leo, who he introduced to Theosophy. The colours for the planets are also not all correct. Copyright c darkbooks. He became a very influential author in the fields of the occult, astrology and numerology, and his writings had a considerable impact on E. Read more about George Lindemann Jr.

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INTRODUCTION There is no end to the writing of books, we are told, Certainly it seems to be the fact that one book leads to another, and the many demands made upon me for explanations of points, problems and paradoxes, contained in some of my recent works, have induced me to a comprehensive effort in the present volume. Whether I shall have succeeded in throwing more light upon the dark problems of Occultism, or only in making confusion worse confounded, it is for the reader to judge.

All truth is paradoxical, says Laotxze, the great philosopher of Quietism.. In such case it were hard indeed to offer any argument which may be regarded as final and conclusive, and especially is this the case in reference to the debatable ground of Occultism.

Yet a very wise writer has said that nothing can be accepted as true which does not submit to a mathematical statement. This is a tacit confession of faith in the law of numerical ratios, the geometry of the universe which underlies all revelation. We cannot truly be said to know a thing until we have reduced it to a mathematical concept. We may conveniently regard life as manifesting in three stages or degrees, namely, Principles, Causes and Effects.

Our conscious relation to these three stages of life gives rise to Ethic, Philosophy and Science. Science is what we now of the universe; philosophy what we think of it; ethic, how that thought affects our conduct. Thus the final appeal is to utility. The virtue of everything is in its use. Science, philosophy and ethic must eventually submit to the test of utility.

It is not for the sake of the mathematical statement, nor yet for the pleasure of abstract argument, but chiefly for the sake of utility that I have attempted this popular exposition of Occultism, for I think it deserves more attention that has hitherto been given to it.

The idea that Occultism serves any useful end in life may ot at once appeal to the casual reader. The deeper thinker will, however, discern in any coherent system of thought, in any orderly statement of fact, a possible means of self-adjustment to the problems of life, howsoever dimly apprehended. To the categorical imperative of Kant- I must because I ought, but why ought I? It gives a cogent reason for all action, and may indeed be finally judged on its ethical value.

It will not be found inadequate. Purposive action has no value without free will in man. That free will in man is necessity in play is true only of those who are not divine conspirators. We are fated to the extent that we are ignorant of the cosmical and spiritual laws - the one order is a reflex of the other - by which the universe is upheld. We are culpable to the extent that we neglect those laws we know. Science has succeeded I harnessing many of the forces of Nature to the service of mankind.

Philosophy will bring man into conscious relations with the laws governing his existence, and ethic will instruct him concerning their employment for the good of the race. To the extent that we understand the laws of our being and use them for our personal benefit, and through ourselves for the good of all mankind, we become conspirators with the Divine Will, conscious co- operators towards that one divine far-off event to which the whole creation moves, an apotheosis warranted by the trend of the physical and spiritual evolution of humanity, and prophetically indicated by the words: Thou has made him a little lower than the angels, to crown him with glory and worship.

As fragments in the fabric of a spiritual upbuilding, as detached observations of the law of universal harmony, as things of isolated interest, all conspiring to the founding of a single idea, these curiosities of Occultism are offered to those who are able to appreciate them. Otherwise he will occupy the position of one who moves in the dark, a slave to formularies and dogmas, following blindly where others lead and without any definite idea as to his destination.

Misconceptions regarding Occultism are very prevalent and are found to affect the thought of many who in their own walks are exceedingly learned. If Occultism were merely a speculative system of thought regarding the hidden things of Nature, it could never find practical demonstration. If the occult were merely the hidden, then Rontgen rays, wireless telegraphy and metabolism would have been facts of Occultism at quite a recent date. In the first case it is confidently affirmed that Occultism, so fare from being speculative, is capable of instant demonstration; and in the second case it anticipated the discoveries of Science by analagous psychical processes involved in the exercise of clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy and hypnotism.

Occultism is not indeed mainly concerned in the domain of physics, but rather in those immaterial forces which are at the back of al material forms, of those universal which find their reflection in the constitution and development of man and the cosmos to which he is immediately related. Thus while it seeks to demonstrate some unexplored facts in Nature, it also offers a coherent system of thought in which those facts find appropriate places, and so in effect it affords an ethical basis for all action which is more comprehensive than any system which is the outcome of an insular sociology or a national religion.

Its peculiar value as a body of teaching lies in its inclusiveness and catholicity, its freedom from dogma, and its wide suggestiveness. While offering a definite system of cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis, it seeks only to throw new light on old truths, being entirely constructive and in no sense controversial.

Rather it makes use of these as links which bring us into relations with that greater world and that higher life which for Science has no interest and for Religion no certain meaning. Thus when Science repudiated the Chaldean account of the Genesis, Religion was left with no ground upon which it could convict Science of error! The Occultist remains wholly unaffected by the incident, not because he is either unscientific or irreligious, but because the Book of Genesis is for him as true to-day as when it was written.

It is the work of Occultists, and only Occultists can rightly apprehend it. In the biblical cosmogenesis we are not concerned with ordinary divisions of time called day and night, periods of twelve hours each, more or less, but with vast periods known as pralayas and manvantaras, or periods of manifestation and obscuration, taking place alternately.

These great periods answer to the systole and diastole motion of the Great Breath, the out-breathing and in-breathing of the Cosmic Life-force. In each of these great out- breathings the seven stages of evolution are realized; the Igneous, Gaseous, Fluidic, Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human. But those monads that have reached any one of these stages do not become involved in the scheme until that stage is reached to which they attained in the last period of cosmic activity; but from that stage they resume their evolution.

Now as we have every reason to presume that our present period of activity is not the first of our solar system, we have reason to place a special meaning on the words Berasit bra Elohim ath hashemayim veath hearetz: In the beginning the Elohim compounded the original matter of the heavens and of the earth.

Long periods of cosmic evolution elapsed, and at the point where the Great Breath again reached our planet we take up the thread of the Chaldean account vehearetz tohu vebohu: and the earth was chaotic and barren. The use of the prefix vau as a copulative conjunction at the beginning of each separate statement, links up the various stages of the evolutional scheme without defining the vast ages, the days and nights of the cosmos, which intervene.

Fro the great aqueous development we pass to the amphibians, the creeping things, the avians or flying things and fowls of the air, until by a process of natural evolution and natural selection, determined entirely by the individual power of adaptation to environment, we at length arrive at the evolution of the human-animal.

The brief but perfectly scientific statement, And God the Elohim made men out of the dust of the earth, is a process which involves an indefinitely long period of evolution. But so far we have only the ascending arc of physical evolution, which in effect found its apotheosis in the production of giant human forms, fitted to the great struggle for existence with the saurians and pachyderms and all that mammoth life, both vegetable and animal, by which it was environed.

There were giants in the earth in those days. Nature had done her utmost in the production of colossal forms of animal life, she had expended all her strength. It was at this point, where Nature unaided would have failed, and in process of time died down to her root, as a tree that has put forth leaf and flower and fruit, that the upward arc of physical evolution was met by a downward arc of spiritual involution.

The two processes are well defined: 1. God made man out of the dust of the earth. And breathed into his nostrils the breath of lives. In effect, from this union of spirit and matter we get the genesis of the psyche or soul: and man became a living soul.

The process of becoming is one that was neither immediate nor complete. Most of us are still in the process of becoming. But a certain number of advanced monads became living souls, realizing their spiritual consciousness while in the flesh. These were the sons of the gods referred to in the text. All else were the sons of men. And the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and saw that they were fair. The self-conscious souls took to wife the daughters of al less-evolved race, a process that would seem to be necessary to the further uplifting and spiritual vitalizing of the inferior grades of human life.

During the present manvantara or period of cosmic activity we have traditional occult knowledge of four great races of humanity before our own, each of which attained to a successively higher state of civilization, the Atlantean transcending the Lemurian, as in process of time the Aryan will transcend the Atlantean. And as each period of cosmic activity has afforded means of successively higher human development, it is a question as to what has become of those very high forms of spiritualized humanity who were the final product of the material and spiritual evolution of past manvantaras.

To them, as pioneers, guardians or masters of the race, we are indebted for the universal tradition which here and there is gathered up by Occultists the world over, and which is realized in its integrity only by those who have fought their way to that place in the scale of spiritual evolution where detachment is possible.

To them is attributable the founding of the greatest world religions, and at the outset these Sons of God were the spiritual instructors of the world. Each race produces its own crop of masters, evolved initiates sworn to the service of man for ever.

As there is a natural selection, so there is a spiritual selection, and from the moment a human form is invested with a soul psyche that soul continues to progress. There is an evolution that has come along the natural line to the production of human lives of great faculty and attainment; and there is an evolution that has followed the spiritual line.

Not all evolved humans are invested with the breath of lives. Thus a man may be an intellectual giant and yet not be ensouled, for the psyche is one thing and the pneuma is another. The psyche or nephesh is common to man and the lower animals and is capable of immense development when investing the human form, but unless this nephesh is illuminated by the ruach or pneuma it cannot advance beyond a certain stage in the present cycle of evolution.

Hence the saying, Work while the day is yet with you, for the night cometh when no man shall work. Specialized humanity is a composite of spirit, mind, soul and body. The element or principle in man which distinguishes him from he animal whether human in form or otherwise , is the Mind. Only is this possession is he truly man. The word man comes, indeed from the root man Sansk. The limitations set up by embodiment of this thinking self is the primary cause of self-realization.

All forms of life are conscious, but only spiritualized humanity is self-conscious, or individualized. The criterion of consciousness is response to stimulus. It is to be seen in chemic action, in vegetation and in animal life. You may call it automatism, a reflex of the chemic action of light, and so spare yourself the trouble of pushing the question back indefinitely, for somewhere or other you must admit response to stimulus and there you must posit consciousness.

Thus while the animal soul in man responds to stimulus of every kind coming to it through the sense- channels, the mind responds also to a higher and immaterial gamut of vibrations, that is to say, to spiritual stimulus. As man he continues to evolve while all other forms of life remain in statu quo.

The monads investing them have not been caught up by the Over-soul; they have not reached the stage where their mass-vibration is capable of responding to the spiritual impact; they are not attracted. As the outcome of human evolution through successive ages, cycles and manvantaras there is evolved the Christ, or perfect man.

The mystical interpretation does not suffice. We require a living individual who shall stand to us for the man mad perfect through that same process of spiritual evolution which is to be our own means of final liberation from samsara, or cyclic rebirth.

The Christ is truly a generic title. The sons of God are legion, and all of them are invested with the Spirit of Truth or Christ principle. He is the manifestation in time and space of the inscrutable Deity, the revelation of God to man. The mythological interpretation of the Christ does not suffice any more than the mystical.

The Sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac may well stand as symbols of the Master and his twelve disciples, but they will not suffice for the historical fact, for the fact is not limited to a drama in which thirteen characters were at one time employed.

It is the great work of spiritual selection and co- ordination, and the twelve signs are the twelve gates through which the elect of all humanity will enter into the New Jerusalem or Spiritual Kingdom of a perfected humanity.

Neither is the kingdom one that is afar off. Its denizens are to be found among embodied humanity at this day. The Fathers and many of the early rulers of the great countries were special representatives of the Spiritual Hierarchy which at later stages in the history of the world sent forth its emissaries to become world-teachers, empire- makers, legislators, warriors and inventors, each speaking the Word that the world then had need of.


Cosmic symbolism



Cosmic Symbolism


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