Description Alberto Juantorena Training Log Alberto Juantorena born 3 December is a Cuban former track athlete, famed for his nine foot stride length. At the Summer Olympics, he became the first and so far only athlete to win both the m and m Olympic titles. His true talent at athletics was discovered by a Polish track coach, Zygmunt Zabierzowski, who convinced him to start running seriously. His coach, Zabierzowski, had initially tricked him in to trying an race by convincing him the other runners need a pacemaker. However, Juantorena made it to the Olympic final, and led the field for most of the race, eventually winning in a world record time of He was the first non-English speaking athlete to win Olympic gold in this event.

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Notify me of new comments via email. John Smith USA Retrieved on 25 June Born in Santiago de Cuba in it was quickly established that Juantorena would be tall and athletic and it was originally assumed that he would veer into basketball. Charlie Spedding Training Log. Retrieved 6 June Panama ScottEdgardoChevansBaker Three days later, he also won the meter final, setting a low-altitude world record at The experience was invaluable to Ovett who went on to pick up gold four years later in Moscow.

Steve Cram GBR — You must have a lot of discipline, and, over everything else, you have to really want to do something. He built a reputation in Cuba as being the guy that could push himself harder than anyone else. Everyone told him his career was over but Juantorena returned to training and had an eye on the Olympics in Los Angeles. The base training is perhaps the most important period of any training system, because juantornea is the one where most of the training is done.

His true talent at athletics was discovered by a Polish track coach, Zygmunt Zabierzowski, who convinced him to start running seriously. Craig Mottram Training program. Quality is the keyword for this training period. Alberto Juantorena Juantorena winning the m final at the Olympics.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Aerobic training becomes less important but aerobic capacity should by all means be maintained, so some aerobic training is necessary while more high quality anaerobic interval workouts at race pace are becoming the key part of training. Former m world record holder. Grete Waitz Training Program. Trajning on your base is in essence just working on almost everything you need to be a fast m runner. A typical week of training during the speed specific period is outlined below.

Despite this he continued to dominate at m in picking up gold at the Central American and Caribbean Games as traniing as a gold in the m. Van Damme would tragically lose his life five months later when he was killed in a car crash. Most 10 Related.


Alberto Juantorena



Alberto Juantorena Training Log (1971-1976)



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