It has a pearly silver casefront, nicely contoured corners and edges, a very slender frame at only 7. The back top of the device plays host to the power and reset buttons and a slot for microSD, and on the bottom edge is a micro-USB port for charging and computer connection. Everything is neatly out of the way and discreetly placed except for the giant Bookeen logo on the front , and easy to keep clean and neat thanks to the included soft case. Unfortunately, the Orizon has a strangely glossy screen. Not only is the glossy screen reflective and harder to read, it also registers each and every fingerprint. Features The Cybook Orizon is loaded up with features.

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Because pages loaded slowly on the Wi-Fi connection, tapping a book from a search results list for example often produced unintended selections, making the whole experience painfully time-consuming and frustrating.

In most other respects, the Orizon was much more satisfactory. Like its pocket-size sibling, the Cybook Opus , the Orizon--available with a black or white plastic case--is thin for its 6-inch screen size and 7. The Orizon weighs about the same as that third-generation Kindle, 8. Like the E Ink Pearl panel on the Kindle and other competitors, it boasts 16 shades of gray and a screen resolution of by pixels dpi.

The display supports multitouch, so you can make fonts larger or smaller and zoom in on websites by pinching and zooming with your fingertips. In my tests, I found the screen quite responsive to page turns, accomplished with fingertip swipes from right to left or left to right.

But pinching and zooming sometimes required two or three attempts. Tapping on the lower left of the screen most of the time the corner is marked with several translucent concentric quarter circles produces context-sensitive pop-up menus that you can also summon and navigate using a hardware button embedded in the bezel.

A responsive built-in accelerometer lets you switch orientation from portrait to landscape format in an instant, and the touch-based page turns adjust accordingly. In short, Bookeen gives you far more appearance options than you typically get from an ebook reader. Other options while reading include the ability to create bookmarks, highlight passages, and insert notes by typing on a software keyboard. When you first power on the Orizon, you see a home screen divided by horizontal bars into several sections.

The Library area displays thumbnails for covers of some preinstalled books the Orizon comes with preinstalled public-domain titles in several languages. Under the Internet heading, you get thumbnails of bookmarked websites, including a couple of bookstores, Google, and Wikipedia.

The Settings heading links to a menu for setting up the You can always return to the home screen from any pop-up menu while reading, for example. Pop-up menu options in the Library view allow you to vary the number of books shown on a page 5, 10 or 20 , show or hide their file formats, and change the way they are sorted by title, author, or file size, for example.

The first bookmark in the row of Internet thumbnails is marked simply Ebook Store; when I tapped on it, I realized that it was a French bookstore with French-only titles and prices in euros. The Orizon lacks integration with a bookstore, though Bookeen is hoping to add one. For now, you have to browse to a U.

And as mentioned earlier, trying to shop via the browser was extremely frustrating due to the slow page loads. Ultimately the lack of a good integrated bookstore and a reasonably speedy browser made the Bookeen Cybook Orizon a nonstarter for me. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance Bookeen Cybook Orizon The Bookeen Cybook Orizon boasts a first-rate touchscreen e-paper display, but its Wi-Fi connectivity, browser, and integrated bookstore need a makeover for it to succeed. Pros Excellent text options: seven fonts, 12 sizes Intuitive touchscreen and Wi-Fi support Skinny, lightweight e-reader Built-in browser is painfully slow No integrated U.


Bookeen debuts Orizon touchscreen e-book reader



Cybook Gen3


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