AM When AM technology is enabled and the same channel spacing is used, the radio service bandwidth varies according to the modulation scheme. The higher the modulation efficiency, the higher the bandwidth of the transmitted services. Under all channel conditions, the service capacity varies according to the modulation scheme. When conditions for channel quality are favorable for example, on sunny days , the equipment uses a higher-order modulation scheme to transmit more user services. This improves transmission efficiency and spectrum utilization of the system. When conditions for channel quality are unfavorable for example, on stormy or foggy days , the equipment uses a lower-order modulation scheme to ensure that higher-priority services are transmitted first.

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Installing or removing a device is prohibited if the device is on. Short Circuits When installing and maintaining devices, place and use the associated tools and instruments in accordance with regulations to avoid short-circuits caused by metal objects. Issue 03 Copyright Huawei Technologies Co. Operating an electronic device in an environment of flammable gas causes a severe hazard.

DANGER Before operating a storage battery, you must read the safety precautions carefully and be familiar with the method of connecting a storage battery. During operation, prevent any shortcircuit, and prevent the electrolyte from overflowing or leakage.

If the electrolyte overflows, it causes potential hazards to the device. The electrolyte may corrode metal parts and the circuit boards, and ultimately damage the circuit boards. A storage battery contains a great deal of energy.

Misoperations may cause a short-circuit, which leads to human injuries. Basic Precautions To ensure safety, note the following points before installing or maintaining the storage battery: l Wear an eye protector and take effective protection measures. Wear rubber gloves and a protection coat to prevent the hazard caused by the overflowing electrolyte. When handling the storage battery, ensure that its electrodes are upward.

Leaning or reversing the storage battery is prohibited. Before installing or maintaining the storage battery, ensure that the storage battery is disconnected from the power supply that charges the storage battery. Although the voltage of an ordinary battery is low, the instantaneous high current caused by a short-circuit emits a great deal of energy. If possible, disconnect the working battery before performing other operations.

Lay a storage battery horizontally and fix it properly to prevent the battery from emitting flammable gas, which may cause fire or device erosion. Working lead-acid storage batteries emit flammable gas. Therefore, ventilation and fireproofing measures must be taken at the sites where lead-acid storage batteries are placed. Battery Temperature If a battery overheats, the battery may be deformed or damaged, and the electrolyte may overflow.

When the temperature of the battery is higher than 60C, you need to check whether the electrolyte overflows. If the electrolyte overflows, take appropriate measures immediately. When handling a leaky battery, protect against the possible damage caused by the acid. When you find the electrolyte leaks, you can use the following substances to counteract and absorb the leaking electrolyte: Sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 Sodium carbonate Na2CO3 In the event of acid overflow or spillage, neutralize the acid and clean it up as recommended by the battery manufacturer and any local regulations for acid disposal.

If a person contacts battery electrolyte, clean the skin that contacts the battery electrolyte immediately by using water. In case of a severe situation, the person must be sent to a hospital immediately.

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